Progress (how we)

Looking at older pictures I took a few years back (or even no so long ago), I’m a little fazed at how bad some of them were. Well, maybe not “bad”, but rank amateur, a little bland, a little unprocessed, a little snaplike.

I love this photo. Taken through glass at an old Parisian zoo, with boy behind me being mirrored over ape’s head. When I open the picture it immediately embodied the whole Evolution concept, and I though it was a pretty neat capture. I have no idea if I still have the initial file (probably not, from the shot date), but if I shot it TODAY, I would process it completely differently. It would probably get a neater and more professional look being run successively in a couple of sleek image softwares, maybe even get a cooler frame…

Ther’s no magic to taking better pictures (or to anything else in life, for that matter), pratice makes perfect. Digital experimenting is free, what the hell are you afraid of, wearing the shutter off ?! I keep buying those fancy cameras used and sometimes they’re two or three years old and there’s hardly a thousands actuations on them ?!? Sheesh, how do you hope to learn if you don’t practice ? It’s a little like extended warranties on digital cameras, by the time your default warranty is halfway done, the cameras’s been obsoleted by at least two new models, come on…

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