The Rules.

…For this blog, are : they are none. Shocked ? Blame my mom. When I was a kiddo, I mean a tiny infant, she thoroughly refused to have me on scheduled meals (which would have meant both depriving me at times, or wake me up to nurse at others), preferring the in vogue technique known as “rooming in” (remember folks, we’re talking 70’s there, Flower Power, etc), read “eat whenever you freaking want”. The theory of the brilliant pediatrist behind it was that, at some point, the child would settle, by himself, into some kind of time pattern. We never got to that point. The end result was that not only I took my meals at any time of the day, but more importantly, that I became allergic to any kind of frame, rule, law, restriction. In short, I’m wild.

Generally speaking, this blog is intended as a photo oriented journal. But don’t get too surprised reading about headlice or fine horsemanship, as I have interest in both (well, I could do without the headlice, but they seem to like us, a lot). This blog is going to be like this one hidden and shameful closet in your otherwise perfect, tidy, classy, make-my-friends-green-with-envy home. The horrible, dusty, messy, upside down accumulation of random thoughts, memories, images, rants, hopes… Sometimes, in this chaotic collage of emotions and feels, a miracle may happen, a ray of light, touch of bliss, kiss of the Gods coincidence. Globally however, it’s gonna be a brutal mess, so turn your bullshit repellent suit on before diving in.


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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