Where to start ??

A very valid question, isn’t it ?

I mean, when you’ve literally taken thousands (multiply that by X) of photographs over the last 20 years (yikes, am I really that old ?!), where do you even start talking about photography ? I was born and raised in times that were not nearly as photo centric as today. Digital had yet (a long wait) to be invented, so it was all about film, smelly chemicals and poorly exposed or misframed shots, most of the time. I wish I was just brave enough to scan those older photos and give them a new digital life, but I guess I’d rather do an extra workout today than embark on that titanic venture. It seems so much more fun to make my own photographs TODAY, than to resurrect those of my past. They’re all stored in my head anyway, what’d ya all need to see them ? Nope.

Later on I started photographing the dogs I was training and breeding (in what now seems a former life), and when digital blossomed it became so much easier/cheaper to share pictures in real time of litters being born, puppies growing up. My overseas buyers were given solid evidence to pick their purchase from, and that was very helpful for all. When I start doing something, I pretty much turn into a mad researcher for weeks, until I’ve grasped a pretty clear and global idea of the subject. Then I go back to my normal life, a little more learned, a little less blind. Except there was no “normal” once I’d been bitten by the photo bug. Unlike (hopefully !) the headlice my kid brought from school, it was here to stay. It’s never been easier to learn, either. Get any cheap, outdated DSLR and basic lens, spend a couple thousand hours on the Net getting the basic from photography forums (sorry, “fora” -which is proper- just sounds weird, the late Julius Ceasar will have to deal with my misuse of the Latin language), and you’re good to go.

So it’s more going to be like, one idea, picture(s) to go with it, and all comments (politely expressed) welcome. After all, I’m also starting this blog out of frustration for a decent place to discuss all things photography without the web generated rot that usually goes with virtual contribution (forums).

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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  1. Bek says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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