For Bek. Malinois redux

Belgian Malinois are European mid sized shepherds that the broad public has become acquainted with through Police and security K9 image. They’re the quicksilver badass blackfaced suckers who have replaced the German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermann Pinschers and Rottweilers as doggy villains in the movies.

Yes, those.

No, I PROMISE they’re sweet. Ok, take my word for it.

Anyway I bred, raised, trained and showed that breed for about ten years, starting in 1996. I published two breed studies, produced a number of champions and was flown overseas by the US breed club as guest Sweepstakes judge (which was an honor, and a loads of fun). In 2006 anticipating major life changes, I dispersed my stock and quit breeding altogether. My faithful broodbitch and companion, who’s produced many great puppies for me and been my closest friend for 9 years, ran away and was never to be found in 2008.

That’s her, Pharamineuse. Sweetheart, wherever you are, I love u.

One dog was left with me before I had my daughter. He watched serenely over my pregnancy (and not so serenely when I went into labor, I thought he was going to kill somebody..)

After my baby was born I couldn’t manage to handle both (though Vlad would have been the perfect nanny, I’m sure), and he went live with dear friends of mine who already had a pack of my dogs.

I was blessed Marla was able to meet him in 2011, shortly before he died. She absolutely adored him.

Now Bek (Bek is my Australian, separated at birth, twin, at least so it feels, as eerily similar as we are) is getting crazy with this post, because she asked for vintage, never seen before, exciting, treasure-chest, shots of my older dogs (she has some of their distant offspring), and all she gets is some sentimal, teary shit. Patience my friend, your wait is over. Read on.

Magnificent. Isn’t she ? Who is this ? Bek, who do you think this is ?! It’s JUNON, of course, the goddess of my Malinois line, the foundation bitch I would have been nothing without.

To be continued… (more pics Bek, more pics).


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3 Responses to For Bek. Malinois redux

  1. Bek says:

    ………….OMG thank you!!!!!!!!!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I didnt know about Pharma running away – she was your heart dog, you must have been devastated 😦
    The other day when i asked you about Vlad and where he was I didnt realise that was him in the photos of Marla that I saw all those months ago.
    My daughter Zara just came past as I was all teary (yes it made me teary!!) and saw the pic of Junon and said ‘OH WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MALINOIS WHO IS THAT????!!!!”
    Stunnning photos of beautiful dogs (and the story about Vlad and the pic of Marla just before he died really made me ‘tear’)
    LOVE THIS…………..thank you Claire! I look forward to updates when you have the time and feel inclined, for now though get on to blogging about your current photography (which is after all the real purpose of this blog lol)


  2. Bek says:

    Just looked at those photos again – STUNNING dogs!!!! Exquisite…………………………

  3. marla2008 says:

    Will post pics of a few important dogs in a bit. xoxo.

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