The Quest. It never ends

It’s hard enough finding the perfect spouse.

But I did.

Aren’t we just darling ?

Sorry, I *totally* disgress. What is even hardER to find that the perfect match, is your dream camera. The one that isn’t too big, too small, too slow, wrong sensor size, too noisy, too loud, too sophisticated, not sophisticated enough. You get the idea.

How many cameras have I bought/tried/played with/seriously shot with/sold, in my photographic life ? Yikes, more than I care to remember, or admit, anyway (I have a pretty good memory but a strong sense of shame, too). I’ve shot Nikons, Canons, Olympuses, Pentaxes, Panasonic (1 so far), Minoltas, Fujis, from entry level models all the way to the top, pro dogs, been there, done that. Some I’ve kept over 2 years. Some I’ve dumped within 12 hours (I get a “feel” of how I’m gonna like a camera pretty quickly).  I’ve had love/hate relationships with some of them, I’ve been seduced by the sexy sleek looks of some, and embarassed by the clunky goodness of others (oh, my D700’s).

I’ve used the behemoths, Nikon D2H (that a fellow hobbyist shipped to me graciously from the US to try, after we discussed it on an online forum, the trust in humankind of some amazes me sometimes), and two units of the legendary Canon 1D MkII (bought it, loved it, sold it needing urgent cash, bought another one shortly after). The 1D MkII is the absolute perfect compromise of action/people camera, which excels at both.

It’s also a big, outdated, unecessarily complicated and most of all HUGE brick of a camera.

I’ve also had the original Canon 5D that people now call “Classic” because there have been two newer versions, but this one remains a benchmark (it was the first “full frame” digital SLR (35mm equivalent) without a built-in grip). Check the buttery smoothness :

I had multiple other DSLRs I won’t bore you with, since all of them pretty much delivered equal IQ (image quality). Used (and still do) Nikon D90, which is ultra capable, if not super exciting due to now being 4 years old (ages in digital times !)

Now one of the very best cameras I have ever used is the D700. Even though it’s recently been replaced by Nikon, and “outmegapixeled” by just about any recent model, it remains an absolute groundbreaker for me.

This cam will render light, colors, depth, and capture your overall vision like absolutely no other. It’s pretty big, rather ugly, but boy, does it deliver…

Now as I was recently packing our bags for an overseas vacation (is Finland overseas, hmmm ? Never mind), I did mine, my daughter’s (thank God my hubby takes care of his own), and at one point I just caught myself packing… my camera’s bag ! Yes, you read that right, my D90 has its very own (pretty big, too) backpack, with padded inserts, little pockets for accessories etc. The works. Then it hit me. I don’t want to pack a camera bag anymore ! It’s not a frigging *family member* for God’s sake. Did some research, looking for a capable, yet highly portable camera. Having shot with the best of the best, top of the crop, king of the hill, I couldn’t accept too much loss in IQ either, the thing had to deliver. Enters, Panasonic GX-1.

Looks sweet as a 6 wks old puppy, handles like a F1 race car, and produces files, well…

What can I say ??

For traveling no possible doubt this little guy is THE solution. It’s done perfectly well in Morroco and disappointed little in Brittany (the light is really specific there, I’ll have to work on that). Ok, so can I say the quest is finally over ?

No way ! It’s too much fun to buy cameras 😉


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4 Responses to The Quest. It never ends

  1. Breckinridge says:

    Excellent post! I’m a mbr. of the VSL group on flickr…..I’ve seen, admired, and commented on your work recently. Look forward to reading more…..

  2. marla2008 says:

    Thanks Breck I I am familiar with your excellent images from the VSL pool as well. Please feel free to come back and check the blog out anytime.

  3. Tammy says:

    I’m happy with my old “vintage” 5D. Skin tones like butter… so creamy. Color perfect, not too vibrant or over saturated unlike the newer %D bodies. Love Nikon for the sharpness and focusing capabilities, but I am a Canon girl at heart. What can I say, I don’t like change 🙂 I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog — still hope to bring the fam across the pond one of these days. An exchange family photo shoot will be a must! 🙂

    • marla2008 says:

      Oh Tam, that’s a fantasy I still feed, I’m sure it’ll happen one day. Why would you change anything gear wise, your work is perfect as it is !!

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