School’s over !

Do you remember your first official summer vacation (as in “out of school”) ?? I don’t. But I do remember, as a slightly older kid, that “les grandes vacances” was always a much anticipated break. So that’s it, Marla’s first major vacation from (pre)school.

As temporary “stay at home Mom” (waiting for my employer to kindly “terminate” me), I have to keep the girl both busy and happy enough, that she doesn’t turn into a mini demon, Chucky style. The weather being less than optimum, we’re pretty much stuck into the house. Above, playing with Granny’s last gift, a magic super blinky ball, in our PJ’s.

Mornings are always the same. Princess opens eye, softly calls for her Mama, gets her warm chocolate bottle, and leans into the Mackbook’s soft glow to watch one of her Disney’s  (or Dreamworks, whatever).

Later we proceed to a continued breakfast, with the obligatory French buttery”tartines” (butter is a very serious matter in our home, lol).

Of course, Mama’s camera is never too far away… Next, what do you do with a bored 3.5 yr old on a rainy day ? Baking. That’s what.

FYI they were horrible, dry, tasteless (severely lacking BUTTER). But she had a blast making them ! Later in the day we headed for the stables. The grounds were deserted, no access to the ponies, but look what we found :

That’s all folks !


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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