Time for a new post

Been away on a vacation of sorts, with my baby girl in our in-law’s house, in beautiful, wild, untemporal Brittany (to those who might not be familiar with it, it’s on the NortWestern coast of France, and could easily compared to New England, Maine in particular, for landscape, atmosphere, and cuisine. Read fiery tides, windy beaches, dramatic skies and lazy villages, along with luscious buttery dishes, expect a couple of extra pounds upon going home after a week !).

Aside the fantastic food and wonderful unpolluted air, the most characteristic thing there for a photographer, is the insane amount of LIGHT available at all times. Even on overcast days (which is MOST of days there…) you’d better pack longsleeves or sunscreen, or you’re likely to get burned without even noticing. Of course, fast camera lenses can’t be used at wide aperture there without severe overexposure, which makes neutral density filters a must (thankfully, I didn’t forget mine this time).

Overall, Brittany is all about family vacations. Lazy days at the beach. Don’t count on swimming though, unless you have polar bear DNA, the wind is always pretty chilly, and the ocean, downright cold. But it’s a great place for picking seashells and building castles, and being 3.5 yr old, our daughter never tires of it.

And for more grown-up fun, check out an early morning fishing trip…

The light gets really, really special shortly after sun up, and it’s exciting to leave the shore behind…

And you get views like this

And this…

That’s when the men go fishing. I mean, real men.

After you catch the fish, you behead and gut them. And the gulls dance begins.

They go positively nuts.

And someone else is going to lick her chops…

Definitely going back there next month !


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