Born techies. You can’t escape it

Today’s First World kids are born techies.

How could they not be ?

They are in contact with all sort of electronic devices from birth. Bizarrely, what an infant seems to want to do first, is telephone. My daughter would put a spoon to her ear, or a sock, or anything she could lay hands on, and sort of pretend being on the phone. Today, at 3.5, it’s just hilarious because she also has the facial expressions and body moves of an adult, as she babbles away (sometimes at her poor -and heavenly patient- grand-mother, in the real phone, though extended thumb and pinky or the odd spoon will still do if no phone, mock-up of real, can be found).

Remote controls are usually next (for common availability on coffee tables…). In our home, she promtply got hold of the tasty stuff :

The iPhone was an instant hit.

Don’t be fooled by the stuck out tongue, she mastered it way before her dad, who uses it very occasionally, and can get lost at times.

Sure, we’re guilty as charged. We have this stuff laid all over the house. Remotes. Phones. Laptops. And of course, cameras. Oh, the sweet cameras.

From discovery…

To trial

Guided use

to fully proficient !

Let’s not forget computers.




Not to mention a few exotic ones

At times, it can go a bit overboard

As a parent, you get concerned all this is gonna drive them somewhat mental

That’s when it’s really important to make sure there is a sane counterpart to all that tech. Things kids have been doing for ages.


Getting their first bike ride

Watching books

Marveling at the greatness of the ocean

Riding fuzzy ponies


Or hiding in closets

I have no idea how smarter or more successful today’s kids will be, maybe just more neurotic than the previous generation. As long as mine can both handle a camera and ride a horse, I’m a content mom.


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