Please don’t go

Dear Utopie,

About a year ago I was FINALLY looking to make a lifelong dream come true, and bring a horse into my life. After a first aborted attempt (very nice mare named “Pin-Up” would never load after we drove hours with a rented trailer and borrowed truck, GRrrr…), I searched high and low for a young, pretty and well mannered bucksin mare, that also had to be cheap. Do I really need to mention that was no easy find ? Then, I came across an ad online, that listed this baby : YOU

Love at first (virtual) sight. I bought you over the phone, upon a few mailed pictures. You got here, underweight, hollow necked, pretty ugly, but lovely big soft eyes and a mischievous temperament that was fun without being challenging. Like any horse you were wondering how you’d behave, and then, being treated fairly, decided that we were safe and could be trusted. Worked on lots of things, big and small, and really got a rapport going.

How many hours have agonized about ways to become a better rider, and more insightful trainer, and more worthy owner, a better partner, a more respectable leader. More of a friend. Two dozen books, a few online coaches and many sessions later, we graduated to this

We’re FAR from arrived anywhere,  but we sure have had a hell of a journey in just little under a year. And now, the stables we’re you live are closing, and I can’t afford to board you anyhere else. Looks like me must part.

It’s not fair. I’m not ready. One year is way too short to get to know you like I wanted to, to achieve the things I dreamed of for us.

I’m gonna try, really try to work something out.

Because it can’t really end up this way. Fingers crossed.


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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4 Responses to Please don’t go

  1. Hey ! what happens ? Isnt’ there any other solution ? Don’t selle her !

  2. cosinaphile says:

    what great shot , enjoyed the blog immensely

  3. marla2008 says:

    Thank U very much. Unfortunately it looks like I have to part with her. Sad, sad…

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