We’re back… with tons of pics :)

Back from a 10 days vacation on the Brittany coast again. We had wonderful and unexpectedly hot and sunny weather (remember, it’s a place that is supposed to be rainy all year round, not unlike Washington state, lol).

Now what we’ve been getting is hot, bright, lay on the inflatable boat all day kind of weather.

This particular shot was taken with my new (old !) Canon FD 135mm F2.5 manual lens. It’s a big, heavy and beautiful piece of older technology, and it leaves absolutely nothing to be desired optically, it just doesn’t have autofocus. A slow and lazy shot like above wasn’t much of a challenge. However, I was happily surprised to be able to capture this kind of action with it :

The pale little white bum goes to prove we got otherwise nicely tan 😉

As usual, this vacation was -for me, my family just goes on doing its thing- photography centric. I had brought a boatluck of cameras and lenses, and tried to put them all to good use.

There are four different beaches that I like in this area, some a 3 minutes walk from home, some a 20 minutes drive, but each has its particular beauty and appeal.

This one we call “la grande plage” (the Big Beach, while it’s actually the next to smallest of the four). It has lots of good looking rocks, richly colored waters and always dramatic skies.

The closest (and smallest) beach is called “les Sables Blancs” (the White Sands) and it’s the perfect family and small kids place, with powder like sand and shallow waters.

Here you can see it from above, shot by your servant on a short dinky plane flight I’ll tell you about in a minute :

Then we have the two larger beaches, including the big Mama of all beaches : Tréguennec.

Tréguennec is a HUGE, seemingly endless stripe of fine white sand, which is continuously battered by strong winds, making it heavens for all wind powered activities.

To be continued…


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2 Responses to We’re back… with tons of pics :)

  1. Oh boy, great pics, merci. I used to go there when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing

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