Let’s take some height

Last week on vacation on the Brittany coast, my husband had the brilliant idea to book us a small plane tour of the area.

Working with airline jets on a daily basis, it was refreshing and fun to climb in the dinky aircraft and take flight…

Our pilot was super nice and made sure every one was properly fitted with a working headset, Marla included. The view of the coast from above is *beautiful*

But checking the map is just the neatest thing !

An original way to see familiar places, and a great experience. But it’s a coastal land after all, so after the plane, it was time to tackle some boat.

Not ANY old boat mind you, the Sea Rescue Department ship, which is hot and fast and no mere mortal are allowed on… Thankfully, being one of the brave guys’ neighbors, we’re not mere mortals <grin>

So while hords of tourist were packed on massive fishing boats, wading through lazy seas at pedestrian gait, we were life jacketed and rocketed on the waves like sea cow-boys :

Our hosts raced on the foamy surf, drank beer in quantity and stopped only to check a couple of traps… which happened to be loaded with crabs 🙂

Traps whose owner, being quite the gentleman, decided to grace us with said crabs ! Y.U.M. Overall a cool afternoon.

And last, I love my hubby’s looks on a boat, he’s so at home he always looks like a million bucks .


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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