A special summer

This year has been different.

In early May, we went to Morroco.

We had a fantastic time.

When we came home and I got back to work, I learned the company I work for had lost its biggest (and only) client, and we were all threatened to lose our jobs. Talk about a shock.

To make a long, complicated story, short and simple, I was out of a mission from June 5th on. Still on the payroll, but without a job. So basically, paid to stay at home.

Oh Jesus. Oh sweet is that ? Aside from the uncomfortable uncertainty of how things would turn later, it was bliss. All I did was ride my horse, take care or my kid, and take a zillion photographs. Again, bliss.

I can’t even start telling you how cool it is to disconnect from work, totally. To not worry about what time it is, or what day, for that matter. Here’s just a few shots that are not great by any means, but rather symbolic of those careless weeks :

It was a very photo centric summer. I took delivery of a super special camera for a friend and brought it to him. I hate that he is ten times the photographer that I’ll ever be, but I was happy in being instrumental in his further success by helping him getting this awesome tool.

Ultimately, the greatest gift you can give to your kid is quality time. I played more Barbie and Playmobil this summer than I cared for, but I wouldn’t trade those moments with my daughter for the whole world.

Meet our bunny, Ariel.

Pure innocence.

Total freedom.

And sheer beauty.

I went back to work today. Not that I wanted to. But until our lawyer works out some kind of favorable deal for us, we have to clench our teeth, squeeze our butts and wait it out.

Special summer nonetheless…


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to A special summer

  1. Andrea Costa says:

    A very beautiful and varied set of shots!

  2. marla2008 says:

    Thank you Andrea šŸ™‚

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