More NEX goodness

I’m having a lot of fun with my little NEX 5N. I already know it’s a mid range camera that is too dumbed down for my use and that I want/need the more expensive, nicer NEX 7. But the 5N will do for a while, and using manual focus lenses with the cool focus peaking feature is a load of fun !

Please pretend you didn’t see the soother, it’s supposed to be gone for good at the end of the month…

The little missus went back to the stables today (new ones, have yet to say if we like them…), check the attitude šŸ˜‰

Forgive the blurry pic, that’s the downside of trying to manually focus against bright sunlight using a LCD screen (hence my need for the NEX 7 with built-in viewfinder, eh eh…)

When you get it right, however, it looks pretty sweet.
The cool thing about using older, non automated lenses, is that is brings you back to the basics, the bare bones of photography. It’s a comic paradox to be using one the most “gadgetized” modern cameras to do that, as the NEX family is designed point&shoot upgraders, with silly features galore (3D, sweep panorama, in camera HDR, smile shutter, wonky touchscreen, you name it).

Used with the old lenses it’s Manual everything, chosen fixed ISO value (auto ISO with a manual aperture lens will put your exposure all over the place), focus by hand etc. The only super cool and modern feature you want to use is the cracking Focus Peaking that tremendously helps you get it right. Once you’ve trie it, you’re hooked for life.

I have a long list of wishes for what Sony needs to change in that camera though. Like, a shutter sound that won’t scare wildlife from 2 miles away and wake up the dead. Like actually using the freaking rear LCD estate instead of dumbly wasting it and reducing your picture to a mere post stamp size. Like not taking 2 full seconds to give you exposure simulation when it comes out of sleep mode. Or a bottom hinged screen that’s actually useful instead of top hinged which is utterly useless (they did give up bottom hinge on the 7, thanks goodness !). But enough said, I don’t really mind all the madness when I see the image quality I get out of that thing…

A typical night sight of my posse


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4 Responses to More NEX goodness

  1. Thanks for the post. I came here through your post on m4/3 forum. I am currently trying to decide about what my next camera will be (topics of choice will be….kids and babies). Nex5, Pana GX1 and G3 are on my short list, as well as Sony a37 or a57. I am very interested in you analysis of “focus peaking” capacities and IQ, which might restrict my choice to nex and sony alphas. I am quite impressed that you can actually focus without the EVF, did not know it was possible. Would you say it is easier to focus the nex5 without EVF than the G3 (without focus peaking?).

  2. marla2008 says:

    Absolutely focus peaking over G3 or GX-1 EVF. Magnification is only useful for totally static subjects, otherwise, and even so, I personally don’t like it. Peaking on the other hand is extremely useful from the get go, and gets easier as you get familiar with it. Of course, the ultimate configuration is peaking coupled with the NEX evf.
    Globally, your choice of camera should be REALLY depend upon how much you want to use manual lenses.If little, go for the GX-1, it has great IQ and amazing User Interface, with very fast and accurate AF. However, if you’re serious about manual lenses, or a shallow DOF freak like me, go with the NEX, the ability to blur backgrounds is MUCH better (despite what m4/3 fans will say).

  3. Merci
    ….my only concern is the crazy high price of the evf’s . I just know I would want one after I buy the Nex5!
    A (very selfish) suggestion for a post… the results between the nex and GX1 using the same lens……

  4. marla2008 says:

    Hmm, there’s no chance that’s going to happen, I’m not the “testing” type. However, I can easily compare both models on how they handle, or the IQ they deliver. Tosummarize I’d say the GX-1 handles much better, has fast and accurate AF, and a terrific User Interface with extremely useful touch features. Regarding IQ it’s extremely good, but crippled for extreme shallow DOF by its smaller sensor. Color rendition can be a little finicky in jpeg. The NEX, on the other hand, has many interface irritating limitations, is not remotely as quick in operation, but delivers IQ on par with top or the line current DSLRs (including thin DOF with creamy bokeh galore), and focus peaking makes using manual lenses an absolute joy. Forget the touchscreen, it’s junk, and being top hinged, it’s nearly useless as a flip unit. So for either the rank beginner or the very dedicated photographer totally proficient with manual settings and operation, the NEX is great. For anything in between, like the enthusiast willing to expand but wanting guaranteed results (like family snaps or vacation pictures) the GX-1 is a very secure choice.

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