Peaking magic.

I want to make a long, thorough post about Focus Peaking.

Or maybe I just want to say how poetic, wonderful, liberating, inspiring, older manual lenses are.
Or do I just want to talk about the severe camera lust I feel over the newly announced Sony NEX models ? Or sing Sony’s praise (something I thought I would NEVER, EVER, do ??) for coupling a brilliant APS-C sensor with the downright magical technology of Focus Peaking ?
I can’t really tell for sure, all of this has been getting mixed up a bit in my head those past few days. I’m just waiting for my faithful and much, much loved Panasonic GX-1 to be sold. Should be gone tomorrow night. Maybe then I can serenely look ahead at my new mirrorless journey with the NEX system.

This camera has taken me by surprise. Dang, I don’t even like it ! I mean, it’s an annoying little piece of kit with many irritating quirks and limitations, nonetheless it allows to use older, forgotten manual lenses with an ease that is just pure joy. And the pictures that come out of this little box make me go AW, and OH every time I nail focus, which is much more often that I would ever have thought.

So stay tuned for my impressions. As I said there are a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my photographic brains right now, but once I sort them out I’m commited to share them.

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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