More manual focus fun

Various adapters for manual lenses to hybrid, mirrorless cameras, more or less look like this

Here I’m showing you a M4/3 to Canon FD adapter that I have up for sale (because my actual NEX adapter was on the camera taking this pic !) but they’re all pretty close anyway. My OM to NEX adapter *finally* got delivered today, enabling me to try lenses that had been sleeping in a drawer for days.

It’s not Easter and they’re not eggs, but it looked fun to shoot them as such (in fact I was just messing with a bunch of photo equipment, my daughter, my camera, and a couple of lenses were laying on the ground so I just shot them there).

Memory serving me well, I used the OM 100/F2.8 to shoot its smaller siblings, the OM 50 F1.4 and 1.8 (yes, I bought both and now am stuck, totally unable to decide which one to keep and/or use !).

The 100/2.8 however, is pretty much a no brainer. I truly don’t see the point not keeping this lovely little guy, hardly bigger in size than the 50’s, and that shows pretty neat portrait abilities.

Globally the OM lenses are lovely little things, pretty as jewlery and cute as doll lenses. Unfortunately, the adapter is among the tallest in existence and negates all the benefit of the breed’s size. But ain’t that 50/1.4 just drop dead gorgeous ?

I know, I’m very, VERY weird. Chicks usually love designer purses and expensive shoes. I love lenses. Go figure.

One issue with manual lenses (other than focusing the little devils, but the focus peaking feature of the NEX makes that almost painless) is that due to no electronic communication with the camera, the EXIF data of the shot (all the usual digitally recorded info like ISO value, F stop, date, file number, you name it) is very scarce, and lacking lens ID or even aperture used. So in the featured shots below I won’t be able to reliably affirm which lens did what (unless I do remember with my good ole brains).

This is from the OM 100/2.8, for sure.

This one is from the Canon FD 50/1.8 (taken at breakfast *before* the OM adapter got delivered).

Hmm, let me think. OM 100/2.8 (again, it got a lot of love today)

And while we’re at it…

Let’s change, that’s the OM 50/1.8, wide open

Not sure about this one, but I’d say OM 50/1.4. By the way, this is how Marla looks at her sweet roll when she realises I’ve bitten a tiny piece off it; it becomes poisonous on the spot…

Fortunately her lunch omelette was better received

Before you get the idea all we do in this home is eat…

That’s a typical F:1.4 portrait. For most people, the blurry hair can be an issue. For us Shallow DOF Freaks, the perfectly sharp eyelashes are all we need to feel warm and cosy. Let the rest smooth out into buttery softness.

There’s been a trend lately claiming crazy shallow DOF is not the ultimate goal in photography, that’s it been beaten to death, or even that photogs use it to “conceal their inability to properly deal with backgrounds”.

BULLshit !!

Who can honestly say that surreal creaminess just isn’t freakingly COOL ?!?
Who wants to buy smart, sexy fast primes, and not use them wide open and milk awesome silky bokeh ??

Get outta here 😉 !

I even shoot my landscape/urban stuff wide open :

Yeah. SUE ME :-p

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2 Responses to More manual focus fun

  1. anangelu says:

    Nice post. I was about to order a NEX but I changed my mind. I don’t think I need that kind of camera — though I like manual shooting, if one has a DSLR and a good P&S.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Hmm, the NEX is really special, I’m infatuated with mine, though the 5N is a quirky little machine, but the 6 should be just right 😉

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