Hug your kid today

Strike that. Hug your kid EVERY day. As many times as you can.

My daughter playing outside.

Children love to play. To run, to climb. To hide and seek. To pick flowers. To be silly.

Not all of them have this luxury though. Yesterday I was at work cooperating ground operations on a short haul flight between Birmingham and CDG (Paris airport) and upon opening the cargo door of the aircraft we found a tiny wheelchair. It was so small if must have belong to a 2 or 3 years old, tops. And it had a myriad of little Disney stickers all over the wheels ; a little girl’s, obviously. This had me in tears, on the spot. I did my best to conceal it, regained my composure, and directed the flight from then on.

But I couldn’t get the tiny chair and its little owner off my mind. And it’s still with me today. Though I see an awful bunch of disabled or handicapped or very sick children in the course of my job (we get thousands of Disney bound visitors daily), I never get used to it. I never dull to that pain. And somehow, I’m glad I don’t.

Kids are the soul of life. It’s such a tragedy so many are born to dramatic existences in war or hunger ridden countries, rotten neighborhoods or broken homes. Those of us to have the absolute privilege, the ultimate wealth of healthy and happy kids, have to cherish this gift at all times. 60 single seconds of every minute.

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