Making progress

Slowly but surely, my manual focusing ability is improving.

Hmm, yes, I’m not the only photographer in this house. But she still relies on autofocus for the moment, while Mama has engaged on a strict manual glass regimen for about 2 weeks now.

It’s a little hit and miss at the beginning. When you start you have to concentrate hard only on the technical aspects of the process. Which is complicated because after the initial infatuation with focus peaking and the elation of successfully focusing those beautiful older lenses, frustration can creep in. Frustration of not getting the WOW shots you’re used to.

So what to do ? STICK with it. Please. Because if you do, the manual process slowly gets easier, more natural, more successful. You’ll still have more uninteresting shots due to caring more about getting that critical focus point rather than about framing, composition, or your subject’s expression. But once in a while you’ll achieve well focused AND good looking shot.

Hmm, looks like an interesting bug…

I know how challenging manual focusing can appear at first. Believe me, I have my moments of doubt. When I just want to buy myself a couple of nice AF lenses and concentrate on my shots composition again ! When I want to fire 10 shots in a row with no attention to focusing just to grab that unique expression !

But that would mean giving up on those lovely, sexy vintage lenses with their fancy names and unique, specific character. Huh huh, no way.

I love those lenses, I love this whole process. I know my progress is slow but I can also feel it’s real. And of course the meager native lens line-up for the Sony NEX cameras is a pretty good reason in itself to use manual lenses instead !

This is a mission, this is a challenge. It is improving my photography in so many areas besides focusing and is globally a whole lot of fun. So I’ll stick with it and I think I may resort to AF only in limited circumstances in the future. Besides, hunting vintage lenses on the net is addictive 😉


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