Pony day

Wednesday is pony day.

Marla made an interesting discovery while grooming her pony today… Check it out 😉

Hmm, what’s this dangling pink thing ?!

She was rapidly back to business though, and ready for her riding lesson

I guess this is when I insert a photographic note. Knowing there might be some action, I had switched my beloved manual focus lens for an autofocus one, the “kit zoom” sold along the NEX camera bodies, a humble but proficient 18-55 lens. Sharp, contrasty and with excellent focal coverage. Too bad the NEX camera’s autofocusing is rather pedestrian (compared to the very, very snappy Panasonic GX-1), which made me question my very decision to not use my usual lenses.

However, if the AF system is not best in its class, the imaging sensor certainly is. Like shows the colors and dynamic range is this pretty tricky lightning shot

After the lesson (which the NEX managed to take NO sharp picture of !), the little riders went for a short outdoor tour.

After a few weeks of challenging myself to use manual focus lenses only, I was really eager to get back to them after the pony episode.



Just can’t get enough of it

Olympus OM 50mm F:14

See ya tomorrow !


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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