Bits and pieces

Quiet saturday, not much to report.

I didn’t get much chance to shoot my girl today. She had ballet practice in the morning, and in the afternoon we went out to get a new pair of riding britches. As I said, pretty uneventful day…

But… I did get my new (old) iPhone (4). A horse had chewed on mine a couple of months ago, and I had to make do with a previous generation (3Gs) ever since, which was a (growing) pain. Thank you Apple for releasing the shiny 5 and pushing 4 prices down. I was even able to afford a 32Go unit, meaning lots of cool movies, apps, and nearly unlimited photo storage.
Marla LOVES it.

One thing I had the opportunity to do yesterday was slap the Olympus OM 100/2.8 on my NEX 5N and fire a couple of shots. I won’t bore you with Barbie portraits and Playmobil minutiae, but the lens is SHARP.

It’s adorable, too.

Can’t remember whether this is from the 100/2.8 or 50/1.4 though. The missing EXIF data from the manual lenses makes it almost impossible to keep track.

I still love the rendering of that little Sony camera I use. Tomorrow should be more photography oriented.


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3 Responses to Bits and pieces

  1. henry says:

    Hello! I see that you’ve had the nex 5n for a while now. I just bought one because of the low price.

    How do you feel about the ergonomics? And do you have any tips on custom settings to make it more bearable? I plan on manual focusing as well, bought a Rokinon 85 1.4.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hey Henry. The ergonomics on the 5N are nothing to write home about, but it’s rather the User Interface that is rather lousy. It’s a very dumbed down camera in terms of controls, thank God the few existing buttons are pretty widely configurable, wich makes it “bearable”, to use your word. It surprises me that Sony obviously made this camera for P&S users, but that it can’t shine as a P&S upgrade since the AF is pretty lousy (on the verge of not very usable, indoors for instance). OTOH, it’s a master camera for manual focusing, which the masses will never even attempt. So it’s actually a camera that was designed for a specific public (mass market) but better used by a totally different one (advanced enthusiasts), the latter badly needing the missing controls. In this regard, I see a WHOLE LOT of 5N users eager to upgrade to the 6 (count me in, big time !!). For legacy glass I shoot it in Manual mode (since the light meter seems a little baffled with an older lens mounted on, and I ended up fiddling with exposure compensation a lot, which meant a press on the lower position to access exp. comp. then turning the thumbwheel to change it. Manual skips a step since turning the thumbwheeel directly changes shutter speed, hence immediate impact on exposure. I have the bottom soft button set to ISO, the center button (in thumbwheel) for Shooting Mode, and the left side of the thumbwheel for WB. Works pretty well at emulating the set-up I had grown used to on my GX-1. By now I could probably operate the camera eyes closed ! I’m sorely missing a viewfinder but resist the urge to get the external one since I intend to buy the 6 as soon as available. For peaking settings I usually stick to the Middle strength setting, but toggle between yellow (daytime, outside) and white (indoors, nighttime). I use the little dinky provided flash with a DIY reflector made with a piece of cardboard in alufoil held on the flash unit with a rubber band… Hope this helps !!

  2. henry says:

    Thank you so much for the advice!
    One more question, I notice on your exif it doesn’t show your focal length or aperture properly. On my fuji S5 I can set non-cpu lens data to record focal length and max aperture. There is no such setting on nex? So I’ll have to manually edit exif?

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