One or none

Or when you can’t follow your own great advice

Today I read a pretty neat article, on a very interesting photo blog named thef8blog. The article’s title is “Becoming a photographer in the age of the camera owner”, and it’s full of well thought advice. Specifically, this one (it addresses photo posting behaviors on sharing sites such as Flickr, etc) :

“Train your eyes and hone your editing skills. Show the world work that makes you truly proud. Personally, I try to follow a rule that I call “one or none.” Simply put, this rule means that no matter how many great photos I capture on an outing, I narrow it down to one – the best shot of the day. That’s the one I upload and share. If there is no ‘one’ outstanding shot, then I don’t upload anything, hence, the rule of one or none. Follow this and I guarantee your Flickr feed will be looking pro in no time. A photostream featuring only “number one” shots will rise to the top of the pile fast. Believe me, your work will stand out much faster and easier by following this one simple tip.”

That’s where it becomes really tricky. Taken as such, the advice above is just golden. When you go on a shooting spree, it’d be really wise to think long and hard on which photo is the most successful and most representative of your outing, and upload it, and ONLY this one, to showcase your work. As the article author states, if you do that, your galleries are soon gonna look very sleek and professional.

My problem is, I’m not trying to impress anyone or sell anything here. This particular blog is just geared toward discussing cameras, lenses, and how they perform for me documenting my kid, travels, horse, in short, my life. So I can’t decently shoot through a whole sunday afternoon like today and cull the resulting pictures down to one. That’d break my mother heart. What I can do, though, is trim each series to one, or two, better shots. Like, in this eating-late-september-raspeberries-by-the-handful set, I narrowed my choice down to 2 pics :

Hmmm, pretty tasty


In the deep pink pyjamas series, 2 shots :

Mama, watch, a plane !

That OM 100/2.8 lens is a little gem, tiny, cute, sharp

Deep-green-bokeh series, 2 shots. I flunked the focus on this first one, but I still love, love the pic, so I rescued it. It works for me in color depth, composition, tonal range, expression. Flawed, but a keeper.

As for this one, it speaks for itself

I still think the above article is very, very worthy of reading, so here is the link for you to check. The whole blog is pretty darn cool, too, so well worth a look.

And if I really had to chose one pic from today’s crop, I guess I’d go for this one. You just can’t escape those eyes


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3 Responses to One or none

  1. Advice is advice, and all must be taken with a grain of salt. It’s the author’s advice….I don’t agree with it. A great picture is a great picture, taken 5 mins apart or 5 years. Plus the advice doesn’t really work if you want to do documentary…..which by definition is a sequence.

    If you look at your photos they are in sequence…..I think what would be great is to either make diptych or triptych or make a photo project out of them.
    Get this:
    And this:
    Print 4-5 or your best of the session and print 4×5’s and hang them along with other sessions……it’s very nice to look at and will attract the attention of any guests.

    The pics are great, you have a documentary sense because you are after capturing what your daughter does. 1st one is a great example of that. Your daughter will have a kick helping you out with the photo project!!!

    Next post is dedicated to you 🙂

    • marla2008 says:

      First welcome to the blog Olivier !! I’m very honored to have you as a guest, as I’ve been a faithful follower of yours, and I love your work. Thanks for the kind words, and it’s funny you should comment now, because as I published my last post yesterday (with a bunch of zoo pictures) I pondered how many I should include and realized that “one of none”, as interesting a concept as it is, is definitely not suited to my type of work (documentary). Now you’ve made me very curious of your next post !!!

  2. Thanks 🙂
    It’s a year late but never saw the incoming links to the site. The next post is extremely relevant to you 🙂

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