Fall majesty

Ok, corny title. But what can I say ?

We’ve all seen these vivid Northern foliage pictures, usually either from Canada or New England states, and that’s the appeal we had vacationing in Vermont in the first place.

But once you get there and meet the REAL thing, your mind is still blown. I don’t have a picture to prove it yet (will soon) but we’ve been seeing trees dressed in colors that are normally not designed for vegetation.  Like fushia, purple, chemical candy orange. Just out of this world tints.

And when we Oohed and Aahed at the surrounding beauty the locals raised an amused eyebrow and said “colors ain’t there yet”. ##&@@$* ?!? Whaddaya mean NOT THERE ?!?

Well if we ain’t seen nothing yet, we’ll happily settle for nothingness. Just could we get a wee bit of sun ?? Never mind, the forecast is nasty nearly all week and we’re trying to be cool about it. Like putting on coats and canoeing on the lake despite the mist and cold.

That’s a pretty unbalanced embarkation, good Olivier is a born sailor

Our little miss still looking a bit fazed by the time change

Our kingdom for the week, a lovely and cozy house.

It sure shrinks your enjoyment options when the weather is that crappy. But Marla loves to sneak outside and marvel at little things like leaves, rocks, or an elusive frog.

I know most will flock to the busy streets of NYC, sunny beaches of Florida or hip clubs of LA, but I wouldn’t trade that misty peace for the world… That being said just let me see it under a blueish sky. Please.

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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