The elusive Vermont sun

Yeah. Elusive as in, longed for, anxiously awaited, but rarely to be seen <sigh>

Yes, that’s more like what we’ve had all week.

So many clouds you can’t tell them apart, the sky is just one low grey and threatening ceiling that hangs so low above your head you think the night might fall any time of the day. Phew !

Then, one morning, we got THREE hours (two and a half actually, but I’m feeling generous today) of sun.

Got a glimpse of goden light while still in my bed at 7:30, and litterally jumped on my feet and rushed out to shoot this

Lovely amber light still mixed with a veil of ethereal fog. It doesn’t get much prettier than this…

That’s what I get from my friggin’ balcony !


As the morning went by, the sun went up, and we were blessed with the most stunning views

The reflections in the totally still lake can get crazy

And the house is bathed in light

By then Marla was outside too and compleley smitten with the place

More drop dead gorgeous sky. Check out the little pink dot in the right 😉

That’s what they call “being seen under your best light”

By the way this was shot with my new (old !!) Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 135/3.5 lens, and it totally ROCKS

She’s always hanging next to that boat…

The sunny episode was short lived. We shot that as the sky turned grey again.

Marla and her dad sneaked a little canoe ride just before that

And now back to the usual…

Damn, first time in Vermont, last time in Vermont !

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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