Geez, that jetlag really is a bitch.

On the way in, you’re all excited to travel and be there and you don’t mind the twice-as-normal-long first couple of days. But on the way back you’re dog tired of the trip (whoever invented airplace seats is a master at human suffering) and just wanting to SLEEEEEP…

Except you can’t because you need to get your exhausted ass back to work, and look over your kid who’s equally tired and jetlagged out of her brains and not sleeping until 2am, or going to bed at 11pm than wide awake again at 4h30am asking to drink warm milk and “watch Rapunzel” (of all things !).

In the meantime you’re so freaking incoherent you’re actually making portraits of Disney dolls…

Now that’s better

Calling her Granny on the phone. One day this kid is going to be a dangerously beautiful woman… (and no, those two things are not related. Phew, I’m just tired stupid).

My name is Claire and I’m a lensaholic. Hey guys, if you love photography do yourself a favor, do NOT buy a Sony NEX camera. Absolutely not ! Those little bodies will turn you into a real photographer actually able to shoot manual lenses and on your way to “legacy glass” addiction. Don’t say I didn’t warn you !!

When she grows up Marla wants to be a dog. Oh well, why not ?

Hmm, there is a certain perverse joy in being so jagged you can say or do any stupid thing going through your mind, like shooting Poohs and bloggin about it. YEAH.


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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