Instant love

Got my PEN F 38mm F:1.8 lens in the mail today.

Long searched for on various sale and auction sites around the world, and finaly bought from a virtual pal of mine of a Sony NEX decicated board, the friendly and useful web forum (thank you Kevin, THANK YOU).

Here you can see it to its rival, and almost similarly specified cousin, the highly praised Hexanon Konica AR 35F2 EE.

PEN lenses are tiny, because they were originally made for Olympus FT cameras, which were already made with small in mind, as m4/3 cameras are today. So the typical “crop” factor that we’re familiar with in digital (x1.5 for APS-C sensors) applied to this gear as well, and the 38/1.8 was designed as a fast “normal” (read, 50mm on a traditional 24×36 camera) lens. And that’s exactly how it acts on the Sony NEX I’m using.

The PEN 38/1.8 is shockingly good at getting any wanted detail in very sharp focus, and throwing the rest of the picture into the smoothiest of bokehdlicious, creamy background blur.

I mean, how a lens this teeny can deliver image quality this high ?!

It also has a pretty close Minimum Focusing Distance.

So close in fact, that you can see quite a bit of distortion here in my baby’s face (her nose appears MUCH bigger and her ears pushed back (if we could see them, that is…). That’s because she brought her little muzzle too close to the camera. However, I was still able to get a sharp picture due to that short, very useful close MFD.

Here she’s browsing a Christmas catalog and telling me she wants every toy on every page, lol

The PEN lens excells at Black&White. In fact, it’s litterally screaming to be used in B&W !

The contrast is JUST right out of the camera, with close to no post processing at all ! Icing on the cake, it’s also very good in color

True to life color and detail. You can’t marry a lens, can you ??

At the risk of being burned live at the stake, I’ll venture it’s almost Leica like in its rendering (DANG, I wasn’t supposed to say that)

So now I have a serious problem. I’ve had insane fun those past weeks scounting the web and ads for older, manual lenses to collect, but this ONE piece of glass has rendered all further quest totally inadequate. I’m trapped.


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