Still searching

For the ultimate 50mm lens.

I’m a bit 50mm lover. It’s just about the ultimate focal length for me

How many “nifties” (the affectionate nickname for fifty mm primes) have I collected recently ? More than my share. I’ve bought, tried and resold a few, bought new ones, and intend to keep on doing that a bit more.

I’ve had the tiny OM 1.8, which small size is defeated by its big adapter. I have te huge FL 55/1.2, which is too big for comfort, but too crazy good to let go. I had the supposedly super sharp Hexanon 50/1.7, except mine was awfully soft. I have a Minolta MD 1.7 which is wonderful… until I found out it has a bit of fungus growing inside, <sigh>

Nifties are usually fast lenses, allowing very shallow DOF

One annoying thing with older lenses, is that no “EXIF” data is recorded by the camera, and I can’t remember which of my 50’s shot this…

The dreamy background on this one belongs to the 55/1.2 for sure

This is from the Olympus PEN 38, which almost equals to a REAL 50mm focal length (given the X1.5 crop factor of the NEX’s APS-C sensor)

My favorite shot of the day. From the fungus lens 😉


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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