Ongoing NEX 6 review and impressions

It’s been precisely one week I got my NEX 6.

The NEX 5N I had for almost 2 months before that had a lot of quirks, but I had grown totally comfortable with it, and it gave me a lot of feel good pictures.

Strong of that experience, I jumped on the just released NEX 6 when I could spot an available one (at a crazy good price, too). Now all I need to get as natural as I was with the 5N, is time and an awful lot of practice. I took the 6 out for lunch at my in-laws today, and then shot it again back at home tonight.

So soon after Halloween, the mini Jack-o-lantern was a must

Natural light, ISO 400, Olympus PEN F 38 at F2

All the shots in this post are MANUALLY focused

Canon FL 55.1/2 at F1.5 (or close). This lens is so sharp when critically focused I just couldn’t use the slight sharpening action that’s part of my usual workflow.

PEN F 38 again

Standard color style. I’ve now switched to Landscape with -1 contrast

In-camera Black&White style, jpeg, very lightly processed.

Depth of Field sample with the 55/1.2

Helios 44M 58/2 at F2

My father-in-law has an old Russian Zenit camera is his closet. He bought it in Russia around the 1980 Olympics, and it’s badged with the symbolic rings. It has a broken curtain, but the Helios 44M lens on it is pristine and works like new. I mounted it on the NEX for kicks and it gave me that close-up.

And last another 55/1.2 capture.

It takes time, and a lot of practice to get good with a new camera. You have to experiment with every little setting to discover hidden gems of features, handy little shortcuts, etc. The NEX 6 is certainly an excellent imaging machine and I’m looking forward to getting the best out of it.

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2 Responses to Ongoing NEX 6 review and impressions

  1. VK says:

    Great post, but can you go into detail about the autofocus performance with the new hybrid sensor?

    • marla2008 says:

      I’m affraid I can’t, I ditched the new zoom the next day in order to bring my kit’s price down, and after updating my 18-55’s firmware I see a minor improvement. Nothing big enough to make me switch from manual focus. To me as of today AF is still not reliable on the NEX system. That’ll change, hopefully 😉

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