Getting comfortable with new gear – An ode to the NEX 6

It’s been a little over 2 weeks

I’m getting more and more comfortable with my new Sony NEX 6 camera, and the various older manual lenses I’m using on it

There’s no miracle or shortcut. To bet better with any particular camera, you have to use it.

The NEX cameras are pretty tough in that they are not technically limited. Image quality is as good as it’s gonna get unless you move up to a full frame sensor, costing several times the price of those little guys, and also MUCH bigger and heavier.

You know when they say “the sky is the limit” ? Well, with a NEX camera, YOU (the user) is the limit. That’s a pretty rough pill to swallow.

There’s a little catch with that camera.

The Sony E mount lens line-up is still rather limited, and missing a bunch of options. There’s a 16mm wide angle lens that doesn’t have too good a reputation. A very good 55-210 telezoom that’s too big for comfort unless you’re going to the zoo. A 18-55 kit zoom that’s about as exciting as watching nails grow. A very expensive and excellent 24mm Zeiss lens that’s worth a month’s salary. A 50mm F:1.8 prime that’s both sharp and creamy and lovely except it’s longish and unpretty. Oh, and the autofocus on all of those is… leisurely, at best.

There are a couple of more, but the real fun option is to use older, manual focus lenses. At this point, that’s pretty much all I do.

Colors are faithful on the NEX, and I can’t even say I work too hard for that. I shoot exclusively JPEG files (some will say I’m lazy, I’d say I’m pretty handy, unlike RAW files that implies no safety net)

“Legacy” lenses are full of character, that it’s hard to do without once you get used to it

The NEX 16 Mp APS-C sensor also captures rich and lifelike detail in shapes and textures

It does princesses pretty well…

Coupled with any fast 50ish type of prime, it’s a wonderful portrait set-up.

Of course manual focus is better suited to rather stationary subjects. But with a lot of practice I have found myself being quicker manually focusing than using the NEX’s sluggish native autofocus..

To say the least shooting the NEX is downright addictive. It’s flawless IQ makes it a really cool image making tool. It’s also pretty easy and fun to use, once you’ve digested its controls and User Interface

Do you remember those under -or over- exposed shots before, and how it was important to find a camera that “exposed accurately” ?  Well, with a mirrorless camera there’s absolutely not to worry about that anymore, because the back screen (or Electronic ViewFinder) shows you in REAL TIME the final exposure of the picture you’re about to take. How crazy cool is that ?!

I should have stopped down my lens on this one to get both kids sharp, but I’m  a slave to shallow Depth Of Field

Eh eh…

If you’re already shooting a NEX camera, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, and you’re enthusiastic about photography and would love the power of a DLSR in a purse sized camera, go ahead and try one

Personally it’s a camera that enlightens me, delights me, amuses me, inspires me. In short, I love it

If you’re depending on autofocus it might frustrate the hell out of you, but if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and try manual focus lenses, the Focus Peaking feature makes it very easy, and you’re garanteed to a a LOT of fun.

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2 Responses to Getting comfortable with new gear – An ode to the NEX 6

  1. Claire says:

    I notice you have all these 50s, do you find it an awkward focal length? Its weirdly too short as a mid tele and never wide enough on my 5n.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hmm, I’d be slightly masochistic if I found it awkward, considering I’ve had about 10 of then, and still own around 5 as of now…To be honest I’ve always found it the perfect focal lentgh on APS-C, though maybe I wouldn’t if I had a smaller living-room… On FF it becomes a tad wide and I need to move in, with say, and 70 or 85. Nifties are also fun because there are a ton to try, unless you go really exotic there are affordable, and fast, my slowest 50 is 1.8… That being said when I used a GX-1 my absolute favorite lens with the PanaLeica 25/1.4 (50/2.8 FF equivalent), and I do own and love a PEN 38/1.8 for the NEX, which is probably more versatile and my nifties (and my best all-around lens for the system).But the sharp subject, smooth blurred background from a fast 50 is hard to beat…

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