B&W portraits and autofocus thoughts

I never hid my love for portraits.

Portraits are my thing.

Black and white happens to work very well for people shots

Hmm, I also said this post would be about autofocus.

I used a Panasonic GX-1 from February to September, when I switched to a Sony NEX 5N. Autofocus is VERY, very good (at least in single AF mode) on the Panny. And it’s very lame on the NEX.

The NEX 6 was supposed to have improved AF over the 5N. Meh… not really. It’s actually so lame I’ve totally switched to manual focus using these cameras. Even grabbing quick and dirty shots of Marla’s last riding lessons are better taken with MF

These lightning conditions are just nightmarish for any camera. The NEX pulls out beautiful shots in manual mode.

Autofocus is so deeply ingrained in today’s photographers’ mind that I HAD to go an buy an AF lens anyway. The Sigma 30/1.8 DN has a great reputation, and I’m a big big fan of Sigma lenses.

Guess what ? I still MUCH prefer my manual lenses for portraits, here the MC Rokkor 50/1.4 @F2

Who needs AF ? Seriously ?

Shooting 4 yr olds with manual lenses is a big booster to anyone’s focusing skills, trust me on this one

It really is

Someday (probably soon) NEX cameras will have perfectly good, fast and reliable autofocus. Until then it’s wonderful to shoot all those beautiful older lenses.

In color

And of course in black and white 🙂

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