A portrait post

StephDec12-12B&WpmPortraits have always been what I enjoyed making. The sheer reason I took up photography, and the motivation to keep on learning as much as I can.

StephDec12-01PMI got the opportunity to shoot this lovely young lady last week, and of course had a blast making portraits for her.

FranckDec12-01Two days later I was having dinner at one of my oldest friends’, and captured this expression that is very, typically him.

MarlaDec12-20My kid intensely focused on coloring her book

ChatVH-01Portraits don’t necessarily have to be human. In fact, the horse picture used as banner for the blog is my favorite non people portrait of 2012…

StephDec12-10The pretty miss showed up totally unprepared for the shoot, so we had a little touch up before

StephDec12-09PMShe certainly catches light beautifully…

StephDec12-13B&WpmThose two are close friends, and the lady on the right has been my closest pal for over twenty years. That counts.

MarlaDec12-17Old friendships, and young ones. Those two don’t have many years on Earth yet, but they’ve known each other for a good part of their young lives.

MarlaDec12-18That’s not technically perfect, but I still like the shot.

StephDec12-08PMBlack and white square’s gotta be my favorite portrait set-up

StephDec12-06PMGet them to smile !

MarlaDec12-16DANG, over exposed…

StephDec12-03B&WpmLove shooting friends šŸ™‚

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