End of the honeymoon

MarlaDec12-24Sony NEX 6 & Pentax K 55/1.8

Cameras are no different than people. We get crushes. We flirt. We conclude. We walk on sunshine. Then we settle into a routine, and, sometimes, we get bored, and want to look at something else.

SweetieDec12-01However, like Sade singing “Hang on to your love”, we’ve got to hold on longer if we want our love to last. I’ve had NEX cameras, two of them, starting late August of this year. Christmas is around the corner, days are short, the light is bleak, and I’m getting photographically bored. I’m eying the new sexy Fuji kid, the much desired XE-1. Bad girl.

MarlaDec12-25Then I think of what my NEX 6 can do. Of how I’ve now set it to my liking, and how I’ve come to know it in and out, and can almost operate it blindfolded. Of the great lenses I’ve carefully cherry picked for it, and of the awesome results it’s been giving me.

I don’t need no stinking Fuji (even though it’s probably awesome, but AF is said to be even worse than that of the NEX). I just need to get patient and wait for the right subjects to cross the path of my lenses. I need for spring to roll around, days to get longer, and light to go brighter. As there is true gold in a long term relationship, there is a wealth of benefits to be had in sticking with your current gear and working on your creativity instead 😉


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One Response to End of the honeymoon

  1. Laurentinmichigan says:

    I know….the Fuji is soo good looking. Would you still be able to use your legacy lenses?

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