A little reflection on cameras

I’m a camera geek. I admit to it pretty willingly too. People tell me “ya know, you’ll never find the *perfect* camera, there’ll always be something newer and greater”… So what ? Does it mean I can’t have a load of fun trying them out ? I love switching cams. As long as I can financially manage the hobby without getting in trouble, I see little harm in it.

MarlaDec12-56Cameras are part of my daily life, as I try to shoot every day.

So let’s see what happened, camera wise, in 2012 ? I started out having sold my beloved D700. What a painful decision. Earlier in 2011 I fullfilled a lifelong dream of getting myself a horse, and the Nikon sale served funding the little mare.

UtoMai12-01Miss U baby…

Early 2012 I was left with a venerable (and nonetheless still excellent) Nikon D90, and really needed something new to spark my interest again.


Decided on the Panasonic Lumix GX-1 to try the new “mirrorless” cameras… and fell in love. This little cam served me extremely well.

LescoJul12-53PMPaired with some good glass it gave me some of the best pictures I’d had in a long time, and provided an amazingly enjoyable shooting experience.

LescoAug12-22NBIt’s truly a fantastic camera, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone, eyes closed. However, it sports an m4/3 sensor, which is smaller than the ones in regular DSLRs, and loses a *tiny* bit of image quality due to that.

NEX5NfrontEnters, NEX 5N

NEX6-02Then NEX 6

Those guys have the same, bigger, APS-C sensor that is present in large DSLRs. And a mighty good one, too. For portraits, the added detail, dynamic range, lower noise and better depth of field control are totally worth the switch.






So where do I stand a few days shy of 2013 ? The NEX cameras have been excellent, enjoyable, capable tools. They’ve also been quirky, slow at autofocusing and annoying in many little ways. The 5N was great but too dumbed down for my needs. The 6 is more sophisticated, snappier in operation, but still a tad lazy at autofocusing and missing several critical features (the User Interface is improved over the N, but it’s still pretty lame compared to other cams).

OlivierDec12-01Image Quality certainly is impressive. Nothing wrong with that.

MarlaDec12-58And unless your subjects move too fast you’re usually able to manually focus pretty well

MarlaDec12-53I guess we could call it a love/hate relationship between me and the NEX6

MarlaDec12-54Certainly love the output

MarlaDec12-52Gotta hate a few operational quirks, along with the capricious AF

MarlaDec12-55Lost in thought… Is Mama gonna trade her NEX6 for a NEX 7 ??

MarlaDec12-57Well, that may very well happen. Unless I cave in for a Fuji XE-1, arghhh…


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3 Responses to A little reflection on cameras

  1. digitalink says:

    Hi there,

    Am a follower of your blog since I gotten myself a NEX F3, 3 months back. Well that changed a few days ago (as in the camera, not about following your blog :)). I jumped ship and went for the Fuji X-E1. Prior to that, I had two legacy lenses, a NEX 50mm F1.8 and even the add-on EVF. IQ to me was ok but I just couldn’t seem to bond with the camera; it just feel too ‘computer-ish’.

    I too was worried with Fuji’s AF performance & after some quick test in low light and at F1.4 (I got just the 35mm F1.4 lens with the X-E1) and I can say the poor AF is over-rated. It’s not blazing fast but I can live with it.

    The thing with the X-E1 is that i feel ‘connected’ with it every time I use it and I know this is kind of random but I love the sound of the shutter from the X-E1 compared to the NEX F3 every time when I take a picture.

    So yeah, give the X-E1 a thought. They don’t call the X-E1 the ‘Sexy one’ for nothing! Have fun!


    • marla2008 says:

      Hey there, checked your galleries, pretty neat stuff !
      I’m all with you about bonding with a camera, that’s very real for me. I’m trading my 6 for a 7 tomorrow, and if the magic still doesn’t happen, I might move on to the Fuji. I love focus Peaking though, and am very reluctant to let go of THAT…

  2. digitalink says:

    Hi there again,

    My apology for being so brief with my earlier comments. I was about to doze off and typed that on the iPad and I hate typing on those things but that’s a different matter altogether.

    Anyway, yeah focus peaking would be one of the things that I’d deeply miss and I understand that feature means much more to you since you have like half of the world’s legacy lenses stored in your cabinet(s) 😀

    Good to hear that you’d be trying out the 7 tomorrow (or is it today; I’m in the opposite side of the world from where you are). Would appreciate if you could post your findings on your blog once you’ve warmed up with it! Take care and Happy New Year in advance!

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