Tip for a happy new year : keep it simple and close

Happy New Year everyone !

MarlaJan13-01PMMy tip for having a happy(er) next year ?

Life can be complicated. Rough. Get in the way. So keep things simple. Enjoy the ones who are close to your heart, do the things that matter most to you, and try to ignore the rest as much as possible.

MarlaJan13-03For instance, I make literally thousands of photos of my kid every year, and not all of them are great (far from it !) but in the end it’ll all make an incredible report of her childhood and growth, and of that precious, unvaluable and fleeting time with her. And in the end it’s all that matters and make me happy.

MarlaJan13-04So in 2013 may I suggest you pursue what makes you feel best, most alive, happiest, and try to push the rest at the edge of your existence. Remember that what goes around comes around, and that a good deed is never lost or forgotten… neither is a bad one.

MarlaJan13-02PMKeep things warm and loving and cuddly, and all should be for the best 😉


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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