The art of adjusting

It is often said that Man became the top species thanks to his adapting powers. Think of it. The whole theory of evolution (which I happen to believe in, with a little mutation thrown here and there for good measure) is based on just that : adaptation.

ColtJan13-07NBPuppies are champions of adaptation. They go from bewildered, uncertain, screaming mess to secure, playing and lively pet in two days’ time.

MarlaColtJAn13-07Marla also has to adapt. Until now she was an only child, The Little Princess of The Universe, and as much as we tried to give her a brother/sister, fate didn’t have that in stock for us. Now she has a four-legged, sweet, wild, bratty-at-times little brother and she must learn to get the best of it.

MarlaColtJan13-08And while her attention can be a little extreme, bordering on smothering, she’s doing a great job. I’m proud of her (but then again, when have I not been ?)

MarlaColtJan13-09They’re both a little wild, a little brute, but both super affectionate and kind, and they get along wonderfully.

MarlaJan13-13Talking of adapting, I’m settling in with my new NEX 7 camera. Not that it’s REALLY new to me. I’ve had the NEX 5N, then NEX 6 before, and I briefly played with the 7 over a week-end before buying it. Let’s just say it’s my latest cam to date, lol.

MarlaJan13-11NBI love it in color, I love it in black & white

MarlaJan13-10Olivier certainly has his hands full with TWO kids to care for now…

ColtJan13-06Colt sees him as the cool guy in the house

MarlaColtJan13-13and Marla as a charming little animal he doesn’t quite know yet if he must run after, cuddle with, or love or chew on ??

MarlaColtJan13-11Sometimes he just gives up and falls right asleep while she’s still playing

MarlaColtJan13-12Fine with her as long as he stays within reach

MarlaColtJan13-10Soon they’ll be inseparable

ColtJan13-08Sure he still enjoys some quality time with a chewing bone


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5 Responses to The art of adjusting

  1. Hoppy says:

    Why the 7 over the 6?

  2. Laurent says:

    Is the dog bilingual too? lol

  3. bek says:


  4. bek says:

    If you ever find him ‘tiresome’ lol just pop him on the plane!!!!

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