Almost there

Today’s Tuesday. I’m on sick leave (gotta love the French health system) till Thursday. On Friday, back to work for… my very last day in this position, this company, at this airport. Yeah. 6 years of trusty and overall good professional services with Air France short haul flights operation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWon’t miss the dark, rainy, gloomy part

Definitely *will* miss most of my wonderful, funny, wild, caring, slightly crazy colleagues though. Lots of them are fine human beings caught in the not so humane grind of companies up to any measure to ensure they still make profit in the heart of a recession. Threats, pressure, guilt parties, you name it. I’m not game, the bosses can play with themselves. What goes around comes around, eventually.

ClaireRoissy01SnpI’d rather just remember this

PistardsAnd that. Take care, you knucleheads…

So now what ? First, I take a long, hard breath, and go on vacation for a while (ski holidays coming in two weeks). Then I brace and dive in the French unemployment labyrinth, hoping to have enough lung room to swim through and come up at the other end. I’m considering going back to school for a year to get a degree and there’s a couple of tons paperwork and administrative shit to wade through first.

ColtJan13-20But that’s not the all story. As you may know, there’s a new member in the family. That’s a whole new challenge

MarlaColtJan13-36The biggest goal is to have both kid and dog living in harmony and 100% safety. The girl is 4, and the dog will weight around 90 lbs fully grown-up.

MarlaColtJan13-33Size ratio is already pretty impressive (he’s 2.5 months old now…)

MarlaColtJan13-17Hmm, that’s a baby gator right there

MarlaColtJan13-20They need to learn to play quietly

MarlaColtJan13-19He MUST learn he can’t touch everything

MarlaColtJan13-18and that they can ignore each other at times

MarlaColtJan13-27It’s a whole family process, too.

MarlaColtJan13-21They’re doing better every day

MarlaColtJan13-22Family Man, lol

MarlaColtJan13-25They do a lot of that

MarlaColtJan13-26She loves being bullied a bit


MarlaColtJan13-28She needs to learn to handle the puppy

MarlaColtJan13-29And becoming pretty handy at it

MarlaColtJan13-30There’s a lot of cuddling and hugging going on


MarlaColtJan13-32She just adores her pup


I’ve always wanted a dog. Desperately so. I wanted a Dobermann Pinscher just like this one. We lived in the heart of Paris, which was of course not the best configuration. I pined for years until my parents bought a hunting hound when I was 12. Hardly a Dobermann, but he was my friend for many years.

Today I’m extremely happy to allow Marla to have her own dog so young. As an only child she can really use the companionship, and responsability as well.

MarlaColtJan13-35See what I mean ? This is priceless. This is so THEM


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