Angels and demons in da house

ColtJan13-25In this house we have two growing kids. One is two legged, the other four, but both can be either angelic or demonic, at times

MarlaColtJan13-37That’s the perfect, Little House On the Prairie mode. To cite my horseman hero Buck Brannaman “everything is fuzzy and cosmic”

MarlaColtJan13-38That’s the other side of the coin, I smile at how her little hand seems to be calling for help. Actually she’s having a high time, but that still needs close supervision, obviously

ColtJan13-26TxtThen there is that look in his eye.. It’s not really common to see that kind of severe, Alpha male expression on a 2.5 month old pup.

On the photographic front just a quick note. I’ve decided that, as funny, skill building and rewarding manual focus is (with the NEX Peaking feature), I want to move back to AF as my primary shooting mode. The only native NEX lens I could really enjoy and use full time is the newly released SEL 35/1.8, and so far I can’t find it in stock with my favorite dealer (Amazon, not to name them). I went for a long walk with my dog this morning and made a pretty landscape shot with… my iPhone. Irritating, indeed. So I decided to treat myself to one of Fuji’s wonder cameras, the soon to be replaced X10. The X20 annoucement has started to bring the 10’s price down, so I thought it was the right time to snatch one. Impatient to get it !!


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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One Response to Angels and demons in da house

  1. Laurent says:

    I was also watching the X10 prices dropping lately. Cute camera.

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