Beauty is in the eye…

… of the beholder. As we all know, and yes it’s totally true.

So today I shot THIS pic, and I just happen to love it. It’s probably a really dumb and unsignificant image for 99,9% of people, but I just like it.

ColtJan13-28It’s a pretty vibrant tribute to 1) the sheer awesomeness of Dobermanns, and 2) the sublime IQ of the NEX 7’s 24mp sensor paired with excellent glass (in this case, the brilliant PEN F 38/1.8, wide open).

MarlaColtJan13-44The 7 is sold (not physically, but spoken for). I have a Fuji X10 (super duper luxury compact cam) due to arrive next week, and I’m getting cash to fund a Fuji XE-1 as my portrait tool.

MarlaColtJan13-42This puts an (temporary, most likely) end to my affair with NEX cameras. They are truly excellent in many, many ways, but for me both the lack of crucial references in the lens line-up, and below average autofocus performance kills the system. For now. I have absolutely NO doubt that Sony will address both issues very shortly, and will gladly experiment with further NEX models in the future (specifically an FF LEX is high on my list).

MarlaJan13-19Snow is in the cards this week. I hate snow. Thankfully I don’t have to brave the elements and work in the cold anymore. Next flakes I’ll see up close will be on ski slopes in two weeks. A much better perspective 😉


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2 Responses to Beauty is in the eye…

  1. Laurent says:

    Am totally jealous about the XE-1 (“the sexy one”, as the Japanese nicknamed it). Was considering the X100 for a short while too, but had to settle for a cheaper and more versatile (and, to some extend, a lot more boring) DSLR. One day, maybe….

    • marla2008 says:

      Then I’m awfully jealous of the AF performance of your DSLR, lol.
      I do NOT have the X-E1 yet. I’m awaiting delivery of an X10, and will try a friend’s X100 shortly. I really want to experience what all the Fuji fuss is about. The AF performance is still reported to be pretty lame on the X-E1, and since that’s what moved me away from the otherwise excellent NEX system, I wouldn’t want to repeat the same story…

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