Me, a landcape post ? I must be ill !?!

Well, indeed, I’ve been sick as a dog the past three days. Not sick as “my dog”, heh, he’s doing just fine

ColtJan13-32Don’t buy the teary puppy look, he’s actually enjoying a great nap…

It’s been snowing heavily for the past three days, and our usual walking path was deep in snow, which would have made for great pictures opportunities with the most tiny weenie bit of sun but…. No dice. The sky remained stubbornly withish grey, low, and loaded with more snow to come. I decided to bring the camera along anyway, the puppy now being manageable enough that I don’t have to worry and fuss about him full time.

First attempt with the kit zoom (18-55)

CanalJan13-01Hmm, not overwhelmed with that… Looks a bit mushy and unclear to me.

So since the zoom wasn’t inspiring so much, I went back today packing a manual focus lens, since I’ve been using those on NEX from day one. While there’s nothing to write home about, it does give me a more faithful image of how I felt while there.


CanalJan13-05Stretches of snowy land tend to make me feel uneasy. Slightly claustrophobic. All this air packed very still. And not a sound. I hate snow.

ColtJan13-31I kept going nonetheless, my puppy had fogotten he’s a single coated dog that can’t handle the cold that well, and was having a good time.

CanalJan13-03Then I reached that overhead highway bridge that always just awes me. The thing is humongous, took a couple of years to get together, and I fine its line very, very appealing.
Because of the curvy shape there are a lot of different interesting angles to shoot if from, and I keep on experimenting.

CanalJan13-06A couple of secondary roads ramp up to the main bridge. This road sign has had a life accident obviously that someone decided to make fun of. I like it. Sort of like a friendly Blair Witch like sight.

Just for the record, let it be known that there are exception to my snow aversion. For instance, Finland :

Finland56PMFinland is perfectly fine, beautiful and welcoming under tons of snow !

But still, I’ll always like my riverside in kinder weather conditions, when it’s all warm and hazy and seems stuck in childhood perfection, like this

So that’s what a severe cold does to me, go all feverish and outta my mind and posting landscape shots. Go figure…


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2 Responses to Me, a landcape post ? I must be ill !?!

  1. Laurent says:

    I would swear I have seen that bridge before………enjoy the snow, this is not that common in the north of France!!!

    • marla2008 says:

      Well there are probably several like it spead around. Either that or you’ve been about a mile from my home 😉 Don’t get fooled about the snow, for the past 10 years we’ve been getting more and more of it. A pain, though.

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