A good image processing software is invaluable

Two days ago my trusty Macbook Pro took a fall off the sofa’s arm rest. Not a huge fall, but enough to mess it up into not functioning and having to be shipped to the Apple center.

In the meanwhile I received my new Fuji X10 camera that seems like an awesome little machine. I write “seem”, because without my usual photo processing programs, namely Photoshop CS (by Adobeà and Snapseed (by Nik software), my pics are useless. Though I shoot directly in jpeg format, all my images need to be ran though some sort or minor enhancements, be them as basic as just resizing for web display.

DSCF1015Now I feel mightily frustrated because the little X10 is delivering good images, which look like crap once posted due to the lack of proper and sound processing.

DSCF1046What a waste…

DSCF1024Oh yeah, that’s shitty all right

DSCF1043There was a short non rainy episode today, so I rushed outside with both pup and camera

DSCF1017It’s thoroughly annoying to capture sweet looking images and then turn  them into mush for viewing. Yikes. That looked sweet, at capture time

DSCF1019Really good


Ahhh, some sun. Can we have more ?

DSCF1040Marla even rode her bike briefly (I suspect that was to wear her pink helmet !)

DSCF1044I shot a bunch or rather nice looking pics with the X10 today, but I’m really, really discouraged to process and post them because iPhoto is messing them up so bad it’s depressing

DSCF1047I might have to wait until the laptop returns from repair to go on with my x10 project

Digital photography is just that. Digital. Meaning *capturing* what you see is only the very first step of the process. Even if further manipulation of your files are really limited (it is in my case, I NEVER fiddle with RAW and have a simple and short workflow), it IS invaluable and can NOT be skipped. Learning a little Photoshop goes a looonng way…

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