The X10 100 days project

Remember the X Files ? Gosh, I loved that show. It was so creative. Shrewd. Cool. Addictive.

X has been fiercely popular with camera makers these past two years, and has apparently brought good fortune to most models it labelled. Panasonic GX-1, Canon G1X (confusion, anyone ?) Fuji X Pro 1, Sony NEX, Samsung NX, just to name a few…

I received the Fuji X10 yesterday. Please bear in mind I’m using a borrowed computer with zilch imaging software installed, so my photo contribution is pretty limited. But quick and dirty, it looks like this


Awfully sexy, right ?

You bet it is. Right out of the box the sheer wealth of menu options and different modes is enough to drive you up the wall and make you want to pack it right back and return it to sender. However, once you start actually making pictures with it, the impression swiftly turns around, and pretty soon you find yourself fondling it with a dumb, smitten look on your face.

DSCF0875The bright, very useful zoom, means you can actually get a bit of subject isolation, which is normally a no no with a compact camera.

DSCF0891And since the sensor size physically limits background blur inherently, the camera has a smart (albeit gimmicky) mode than enhances it via software, the “Pro Focus” feature. Used within reason, I find it yields pretty pleasing results.

So is the image quality on of those pictures on par with what I usually post ? Of course not. We’re talking SMALL, physically limited by the laws of physics, sensor here. But given that this camera fits in a coat pocket, sports a 28 to 112mm equivalent zoom with F:2-2.8 aperture and delivers very acceptable noise at ISO 1600 (and not much more noticeable at ISO 3200), the results are nothing short of astonishing. I’ve processed the above shots in iPhoto and that’s why they suck. If I’d had my usual Photoshop + Snapseed team available, they would look a world better.

DSCF0871Yep, the weather is still yucky and freezing. Nonetheless I had a fun time walking around with the X10 this morning. A versatile zoom range and responsive AF is nice to have.

DSCF0767Again, the ugly flat tones are down to the post processing here. Had I had my usual tools at hand, the end result would be totally different;

DSCF0859The lens focuses pretty close, and the camera offers not one but TWO useful macro modes (although the second one is Manual Focus only)

DSCF0978*Finally* another camera that lets me chose native 1:1 square format

DSCF0861I’ve been wanting to shoot this graph’ for a while. I wish I could have done better processing after the fact, but iPhoto is pretty lame for adjustments…

DSCF0862The bottom line is, the X10 is a handsome, capable, versatile camera. And to top it all, it’s gorgeous to look at, and fun as well as joyful to use.

DSCF1006So what does this all tell me ?

It reasserts the fact that a larger sensor is ALWAYS an asset. That being said, Fuji pulled a winner here. It’s the kind of device that you always want to have with you and that can be incredibly versatile and useful once you learn to use it. It pretty much negates the need to take anything bigger/better with you on a trip, for example. Truly, unless you want to do specific portrait work (my main alley), or make huge landscape photography prints, it could be all the camera you’ll ever need.

DSCF0584Truth : what I truly want (and the reason I sold my NEX 7) is to try the Fuji X-E1 everybody is raving and ranting about. Fuji has a visual signature I’ve always loved.

DSCF0707I’d love to be able to curb my X-E1 lust.

I’d like to try and not buy anything for 100 days, using the X10 in the meantime. That’s a little over 3 months, and a looong time by digital camera standards. By then X-E1 prices will have settled down a bit further, Fuji MIGHT have added focus peaking to the camera via firmware, and maybe not rumored a faster AF equipped X-E2 ?? Waiting would be a very smart thing to do.

DSCF0732Then again, waiting is not my strongest suit πŸ˜‰


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4 Responses to The X10 100 days project

  1. Laurent says:

    That’s not the arrow that matters, that’s the Indian!!!! I like the pictures you took with that one P&S, even with minimal processing. I thought there was 2 macro modes for that camera. Can you comment on that?
    Good luck with the XE-1!. Waiting a few weeks will only make it better!

  2. marla2008 says:

    Hi Laurent, good to read you πŸ™‚ I never do real macro but I’ll use Macro mode 1 on the X10 when I want to focus a bit closer than usual. The super macro mode is limited to manual focus (if I understand well) which is absolutely horrible and useless IMHO. Other than that, It’s a kickass little camera !!

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