Pictureless !!

Yep, no laptop, no pics. My hubby does let me use his (identical) Macbook Pro extensively BUT, he’s extremely reluctant to let me install a proper image handling software, and since I’m not fully convinced I could uninstall said program without leaving any disruptive trace on his machine, I won’t.

So here I am, surrounded by cameras all more exciting one than the other, with lenses to boot, and not a single image to speak for it. I do have Photoshop installed on my older Mac Mini set-up upstairs, but I’ve given up going back and forth, copying files from one computer to the other, etc. Too much hassle.

The fact I’m NOT able to properly review, process and share the photos from the various cameras makes it very confusing for me to make my mind between them. The Fuji X10 is out of the race since it’s my travel camera of choice and its spot in the gear drawer is not challenged. Now, the GX-1 seems to be delivering the goods, as in my memory, and the Fuji X100 has decided to drive me wild and mad.

Is m4/3 good enough after six months spent with the APS-C goodness of the NEX bodies ? Probably not. Is the GX-1 still a fantastic camera that I know like the back of my hand, can operate eyes closed, and capable of freezing even the wildest paced kiddy-puppy  games happening in my living-room ? Sure. Is Fuji IQ up there on the Mount Olympus (no pun intended) of photography ? Most likely. But since I can’t get the X100 to take more than one picture out of about 15 attempts, it’s of little use to me.

I obviously parted with my NEX 7 on a whim, way too fast, and that was a mistake. I have a little NEX C3 on the way as an interim body and to try the SEL 35/1.8 that FINALLY made it to “in stock” status at a reliable dealer with a good return policy. Not Amazon, but good enough.

So it’s gonna play like this : X10 is here to stay (probably about 2 or 3 years which is how long I’ve had, used and enjoyed the Canon S90 that is now retired in the gear drawer). The GX-1 I got on loan and think will *not* be purchasing from its owner. As good, fast, smart, sexy and just plain awesome as it is, m4/3 sensors do not deliver the image characteristics I’m after, namely DOF control and focal length equivalence for legacy lenses (not to mention, no peaking).  The X100 will be on its way back to the dear friend who lent it to me as soon as I can get my ass to the post office upon coming back from vacation. The NEX C3 will serve as digital back for my much missed manual focus shooting, and to assess the SEL 35/1.8 I’ll be ordering on the day we get back.

Phew, now I’m leaving cameras alone and heading to the mountains for a week long ski break. But I can’t stand to post without at least one pic, so here’s one from the archive 🙂



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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Pictureless !!

  1. Laurent says:

    Did you consider to use GIMP portable? I don’t own a computer myself (I borrow the one from my wife), and have been quite happy with that free, mobile software. It probably won’t be as good as your regular software, obviously….

  2. marla2008 says:

    Thank you for the tip !! Going to check it out right now 🙂

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