X10 camera 100 days project goes on (and a trip to the French Alps)

Karellis13-35Upon getting the little Fuji X10 premium compact camera, I decided to stop any further serious camera body purchase for 100 days (that doesn’t include cheapo older models, nor lenses). So Fuji X10 does the French Alps…

Karellis13-28And does them pretty well, IMO…

Karellis13-15This camera is a little too good at everything for its category, sensor size and price point.

Karellis13-24Sure, it’ll do your dumb vacation snap like any other compact cam

Karellis13-14But the next minute it’ll deliver serious large print quality files loaded with color, dynamic range and detail. Not small sensor cam material in my book.

Karellis13-10This is Marla’s fourth snow vacation, and the third in the French Alps

Karellis13-09This year, at age 4, she’s candidate to the well regarded ESF (School of French Ski), here waiting to try on her rental gear

Karellis13-08Check out that ski forest !

Karellis13-07Karellis13-11I love the dynamic range and color reproduction of this shot, very true to life

Karellis13-16And the way the camera renders light in this one

Karellis13-01The weird vertical band like pattern is due to a reflection, that being shot thru a window

Karellis13-04Here the sub par image quality is due to operator poor choice of settings, not the camera

Karellis13-02Look at that little red ant Marla

Karellis13-18My best attempt at being Ansel Adams, lol

Karellis13-03Karellis13-13Serious looking in her ski attire

Karellis13-31Walking during the ESF trial session. Only the kids with obvious interest and some natural balance will be invited to sign in for the rest of the week. Others may try again the following year.

Karellis13-23Happy and proud after passing the test

Karellis13-34Already pretty comfortable on her second day

Karellis13-26Chilling out afterwards

Karellis13-36Moutain view from the slopes this afternoon…

So all in all, the X10 handles everything I throw at it with power and grace. The fact it’s so gorgeous to look at and so solid to hold doesn’t hurt, either.

ColtFev13-05For the record, Colt couldn’t join in as pets were not allowed on the property. He’s boarded in a cool place

ColtFev13-02For the record this is taken with a loaner Fuji X100, the “bigger brother” to the X10

ColtFev13-03Ok, ok, I miss my puppy.

Karellis13-17To be continued…


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