Back in the NEX saddle

Sony NEX are compelling little cameras. They’re not the best at everything, autofocus is their Achille’s heel, but they also have very real and unique strengths, Focus Peaking aid for using older manual lenses, useful tilt screens, and truly excellent APS-C sensors with great ISO performance and cool DOF control.

NEXC3-02Thats the cool little NEX C3, one of the earlier entry models, and surprisingly good. I love the form factor, size and lightweight.

Nothing like the Top-of-the-line NEX 7, my most serious tool.

No matter what NEX body I use, what matters is the end result, the “IQ” (image quality) as hobbyists and photo enthusiasts call it. So why did I miss NEX so much, while I had both a super cool m4/3 Panasonic GX-1 and cult Fuji X100 at hand ??

ColtFev13-06I agree the GX-1 with PanaLeica 25/1.4 is a killer combo. But the overall IQ seems a tad coarse when put head to head with NEX images, and the lesser DOF control kills it for me.

ColtFev13-02The Fuji X100 as attained cult status in the mirrorless world, but to me it’s just mainly The Camera That Refuses to Autofocus, which guess what… kills it for me.

SONY DSCSo until Fuji get their AF shit together (in the process as I write this…) AND offer Focus Peaking (idem), NEX is my system of choice, ESPECIALLY since I got the new SEL35/1.8, which *finally* delivers an acceptable (read “usable”) level of AF performance.

SONY DSCLast night Marla decided to get a shooting session with her puppy

SONY DSCWhich he was pretty oblivious of…

SONY DSCWaiting for inspiration

SONY DSCLooking for the right angle

SONY DSCAnd reviewing her shots. I love the way she probably emulates what she sees me doing !

SONY DSCIn the meanwhile the pup is still growing like a weed



SONY DSC3.5 months now and quite the young man



SONY DSCThe SEL out of focus areas are pretty smooth…

Of course the Fuji X10 still ROCKS


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4 Responses to Back in the NEX saddle

  1. Laurent says:

    I was not aware about the autofocus issue of the Fuji X100! Wonder why it is such an issue. I am still sometimes using my old bridge camera (pana fz28), and while not exactly fast, I never had to complain too much about its autofocus speed (fast enough to get a running toddler in focus, or even a bird in flight), even with a 1.7X teleconverter on top of it (I am a birdwatcher). If a $300 (by then, more like $50 used now) 5 years old camera can do it (and, probably even better, all m4/3), why is it a problem for fuji and sony?

    The sony nex7 seems really nice. specially the 2 control wheels.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Well Laurent, I think X100 users actually *enjoy* being slave to the camera’s hectic behavior, it gives them a sense of being special (indeed, capturing images with it IS special, lol). The “TriNavi” control on the NEX 7 is golden, indeed.

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