NEX real life

I’ve been in and out of the hospital for a mild liposuction surgery. Ouch.

ColtFev13-18In the meantime Colt is still growing like a weed, he’s like a mid sized dog and doesn’t look like a puppy anymore.

Though I’m getting around just fine I’m not allowed to go out for walks, or do anything to physically stressful, drive, or exercise at all. I can just sit there, bloated and  barely breathing in a 8 yr old sized corset.

MarlaColtFev13-11Even photo opportunities are limited as well, I’m not supposed to get down or move to much.

ColtFev13-14Well, I do anyway.

MarlaColtFev13-15I love my new NEX 7 camera just as much as I did the first one.

MarlaColtFev13-13The tilt screen is SUPER useful for ground level shots

MarlaFev13-10I really like my new SEL35/1.8 lens, but still shoot my trusty PEN F 38/1.8

MarlaColtFev13-08Marla and Colt are VERY much like brothers and sisters. They fight and bicker ALL day, but cuddle together at the end of the day and couldn’t be without one another.

MarlaFev13-15The SEL35 is just perfect for my needs

SONY DSCThat black silky dress


The Tuesday Late Afternoon Black Out. She usually sleeps until the next morning

MarlaFev13-16Mesmerized by her dad

MarlaColtFev13-14Crazy in love with her pup

MarlaFev13-12Things are getting hot between Barbie and Ken






MarlaColtFev13-05PMThat’s a good and worthy camera. No doubt about that.


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One Response to NEX real life

  1. Laurent says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery!

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