Ah.. cameras.

Big ones, small ones, cheapo cams, expensive, sell-a-kidney models, oldies, brand new futuristic ones. There are so many options out there.  I’ve been a cameraholic for a long, long time. These days it’s all about the mirrorless cameras. Once you’ve tried one of those tiny, hybrid gizmos, it’s truly hard to go back to the bulk of a DLSR. Personally I’ve been shooting Sony NEX bodies for the past 7 months, and in all honesty find them NEXtraordinaires !

MarlaMar13-07Marla in what she calls her “Tigress dress”

What’s so cool about my NEX camera ?? Hmm, let me see. The lens selection sucks, autofocus has previous generation (in best light) performance, the menus are wonky and the User Interface takes a while getting used to…

ColtMar13-06But the IQ (Image Quality) more than makes up for all that…

I love the NEX for being small, well built, with a tilting screen that I never thought I’d use at first but am actually addicted to. I have the high end version (NEX 7) that is super sleek looking, and very easy to use once you’ve configured it to work as YOU want. See, there is no label on the NEX buttons, because you can get them to do whatever’s most useful to you. That’s genius.

MarlaMar13-04  Late afternoon sun

What I truly cherish with this camera is its ability to capture scenes as they appear to the naked eye. The Dynamic range and noise performance are state-of-the-art, which allows highlights, shadows, colors and textures to be rendered very faithfully. It’s also a very small camera. Stealthy.

ColtMar13-05Of course it’s not the only camera in the house. I have a Panasonic GX-1 generously loaned by a fellow forum member on an internet camera board I used to hang at. Hello Bobby 🙂

ColtMar13-04The GX-1 does a lot of things well. It has a super useful touchscreen, top of the line autofocus module with great Face Detection, and a killer User Interface. But I still like the larger imaging sensor of the NEX way better….

MarlaMar13-05The NEX  allows me to document daily life

MarlaMar13-06It’s basically a super duper memory maker

MarlaMar13-02It loves light, colors, and silk dresses

MarlaMar13-03And, despite various AF quirks, is usually up to capturing the instant

MarlaMar13-08Sunlit little girls

ColtMar13-07Velvety puppies

CanalJan13-07Snowy rivers

And all things from life

MarlaDec12-33Bottom line : all cameras are cool, but Sony mirrorless is truly NEXtraordinaire…

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8 Responses to NEXtraordinaire

  1. Bek says:

    Oh stop I am going to HAVE TO GET ONE!!!!

    • marla2008 says:

      Bek, Sony is kind enough to release new NEX models every six months, thoroughly depreciating current models’ value, so you should be able to pick the excellent NEx C3 or 5N for NEXt to nothing 😉
      Lenses are critical though, not enough of them and not all of top quality. Go for the SEL 35/1.8. Otherwise, be ready for much slower than DSLR af performance, and you should only be plesantly surprised with the experience. A NEX body with SEL35 mounted will fit in your purse !

  2. Luis says:

    Hello, I have enjoyed all the photos you have taken. Very nice composition & color. What NEX camera & lens combination did you use to take these photos for the NEXtraordinaire post? Thank you so much. I am a current owner of a NEX 5n.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Luis, thanks for stopping by. The picture were taken with a NEX 7, but in all honesty I could have used about any NEX body and gotten similar results. Lenses were SEL35/1.8 with autofocus, and PEN F 38/1.8 (which is a 40 yr old lens) in manual focus. I owned the 5N and it’s a cracking camera, enjoy yours.

  3. Tracy says:

    Damn, looking at these pics, I’m going to have to get one. I just cant decide which one! 🙂

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