Pretty pics vs true to life pics

Why do we photograph ? No, strike that, what do I photograph ? I make pictures because I love to record the flow of everyday life around me, more specifically the growth of my kid. Anybody who has children knows how devilishly fast they grow, change, become independant, want to hate their parents and move as far away as possible. Ok, just being sarcastic on the last part, but they sure do grow fast, and it’s always a breath of bittersweet nostalgic fix to be able to browse through their infant, baby, toddler, kiddo, preteen etc (you get the idea) pictures, as they do.


So for me the documentary aspect of photography is paramount. Of course as a photo lover I also strive to create aesthetically successful pictures that I, along with others, draw pleasure looking at…


Once thing I love in my NEX camera is how good it is at capturing the ordinary, everyday stuff.

MarlaMar13-13Is that a cool or screwed picture ?

MarlaMar13-15What about this one ?

LouMar13-06PMI love to be able to shoot things as I see them

MarlaLouMar13-01PMOr put a little more effort for a more polished result

MarlaMar13-14NBSometimes a technically downright flawed pictures is the best you’ll shoot in the day. Or week

LouMar13-07PMIn the best case scenario we can have pictures that document AND look good.

I guess the statement I’m trying to make is that the NEX camera (whatever model, really doesn’t matter they pretty much all deliver the same level of image quality) is very capable of both capturing the instant in most situations, and deliver state of the art IQ if used right. That’s pretty much all I can ask from a camera that fits in my purse and can use just about any lens ever made to this day with the proper adapter. Crap, now Sony has got me drooling over the 7’s soon to be released update 😉

I had hoped the Fuji X-E1 would be able to do the same. It will soon if Focus Peaking is added via software, and once the X-E2 gets boosted AF and operation. At this point the E1 version wasn’t able to sway me from my NEX. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic camera, because it is.


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2 Responses to Pretty pics vs true to life pics

  1. Laurent says:

    The 6th picture (your daughter with the little baby) is absolutely sweet.

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