You voted for it : Tracey’s second post !

I was recently checking the blog’s stats (which was actually only the second time I ever did…) and was blown finding out the one post that had driven the most visits in 2013 was the entry by my friend, and at home mum fellow, Tracey. So I begged her to do another write-up, and after much cajoling she indulged. We’d been chatting a bit, as women typically do, about shape, staying fit past 35 (wayyy past in my case, lol), and dieting, so her post revolves around that a bit. But digs way deeper and relies in a way to photography, in a very thought provoking way. But enough rambling, so without further ado, here it is.

The Curse of the (at home) Mummy

As an at home mum, I like to describe myself as busy, but that busy-ness is rather limited in reality. Housework, yes, lots of, the school run, playgroups, shopping, dog walks….you get the idea. In between these jobs I consider to be my life there does seem to be not too few opportunities to eat biscuits. …and cake …Is that such a bad thing?

Strawberries - copiePhoto by Claire

Well, now that you mention it, it has given me pause. Being somewhere past thirty and having endured 5 pregnancies I no longer have the body of Angelina Jolie, but I don’t look like Susan Boyle either.

CASEY (2)Casey, by Tracey

We live in a TOWIE society, (The Only Way Is Essex, current UK craze) and amusingly, Brentwood Essex, where this TV series is filmed, is the town we called home for many years until fairly recently. It’s inspired a craze, particularly in tweens to twenty something’s and driving through the town last weekend to visit family, I couldn’t help but notice how many tea bag stained individuals there were, with teeth so white they could light up a shopping mall. Im in no hurry to emulate this look, (and am ten years past it) luckily, neither are my older daughters, they much prefer the Kardashians (groan), but it can’t be denied, our image and self-image is uber important. I myself am fairly body conscious, I keep in shape and make an effort to keep everything pointing in the right direction, so to speak. But there is a responsibility attached, I want my teenage daughters to be aware of their image, their body and their health, I would like others to value their image, but only in context. If they want to be the next Katie Price, then yes, it’s all important, if they pursue a more average (and probably happier) existence, then not so much.

Claire N3Model, Claire

When you get behind a camera the ‘uber image conscious’ view is exacerbated somewhat, if I point the camera at Casey (12) there is instant hair fluffing and outfit tweaking, whilst Erin,(16) legs it. If I announce I’ll be bringing my camera to the next playgroup session every child is in their Sunday best when I turn up and all the mums want me to email pics of their little darlings. To the contrary, arrive at the soft play centre or coffee morning unannounced and whip out your big ole DSLR and everyone dives for cover.

4FEBKIRA (2)Kira, by Tracey

Ideally, if I had a ‘brand’ of photography it would be something akin to street portraitography, candid, natural and on the down low. If I want super posed, flawless pics I’d take my kids to a studio photographer (and recommend you do the same) but for me, I photograph to capture the moment, the memory and the emotion.

2FEBMAX_0 (2)Max, by Tracey

The moral of my story: If you wanna keep it real, let them eat cake




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