Dwarf baby, big girls and giant dogs

That pretty much sums up the afternoon my daughter Marla, my friend Estelle and I spent with our colleagues and friends in their lovely country home. Rest of the company was their one month old baby girl, Lou, their two older ones, Loanne and Jade, and the three family dogs. Old and senile mutt Akira, beautiful fully grown 3 yr old Dogue de Bordeaux Fidji, and hummongous, teenage Mastiff, Gibbs.

GibbsFidjiMar13-01The Biggies. Funny how the female Dogue de Bordeaux, a pretty large dog in her own right, looks puny compared to the young Mastiff.

LouMar13-15PMThe day’s true star : baby Lou, 1 month old.

LouMar13-02PMWith Dad

LouMar13-12PMAuntie Estelle

LouMar13-01PMDaddy’s hand

MarlaJadeMar13-01The girls had a great time socializing

MarlaFidjiMar13-01Petting the biggies

MarlaGibbsMar13-01BIG dog

LouMar13-07PMTeenie girl

LouMar13-05Big sister

MarlaLouMar13-01PMLittle friend



LouMar13-03PMShe’s pretty darn cute !

MarlaJadeMar13-02Bathing in light. I love this light


MarlaEstelleMar13-01Nothing like a day among friends


LouMar13-13PMBabies. She has a real soft spot for them



LouMar13-04PMThose first weeks are SOooo fleeting


LouMar13-16PMA new mom

GibbsMar13-01Giant in the making. 16 months old, and still a lotta growing ahead

GibbsMar13-02PMThat sums up the day. Going back next week for more

AkiraMar13-01PMHoping she’ll still be there…


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Dwarf baby, big girls and giant dogs

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow, and now I want one! Not a NEX ( got one in the post)…..not a Biggie….sigh. Gorgeous stuff 😉

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