The best camera is the one you don’t feel


And what is that supposed to mean ? Just that when a camera really suits you and your shooting needs, after a while it becomes invisible. So familiar and fuild its operation is seamless. Photographers talk about “an extension of their eye/mind”. And that’s exactly what the NEX7 does for me. I know it inside out, to the point that I naturally reach for it without thinking, and just shoot things as I see them.

MarlaMar13-20There is no grand scheme or ambitious design behind those pictures. Just a really faithful representation of life in our home. My daughter, the way she grows (read : “way too fast”), her puppy, and occasional glance of my husband when he doesn’t bitch about being in the frame…

MarlaMar13-26Being able to disappear is no little feat. To get such a shot you need a little help from your gear. A flip screen, for starters, a solid performing lens, pretty cracking awesome high ISO performance and good detail, color rendition and overall resolution.

ChateauPlaym01A dream world

MarlaMar13-19He wasn’t supposed to be allowed upstairs. Looks like he managed to anyway

MarlaMar13-18Not a great shot per se. Just a tiny instant of backlit childhood

MarlaMar13-16PMAahhh… Spring. Or at least a hint of it

MarlaMar13-30That looks like pretty intense concentration to me

ColtMar13-11Big black dog

ChihuahuaToySmall white one

MarlaMar13-21The NEX 7 handles flashless high ISO brilliantly. The trickiest part is getting white balance right in mixed light sources. Nearly damn impossible (and yes, even in RAW)

MarlaMar13-33I bet she’d beat me at GTA 5 😉

MarlaMar13-27Spur of the moment

MarlaMar13-25Driving lesson

MarlaMar13-29Pretty smooth bokeh from the SEl35/1.8, my favorite NEX native lense

MarlaMar13-24Lazy sleepy nappy

MarlaMar13-28PMFavorite picture of the week, bar none.

KingdomPlaymKingdom of little girls

MarlaMar13-32The size ratio is getting alarming, lol


MarlaMar13-34Thanks Heaven for the my NEX. Now Sony has got me all curious and anxious for the coming 7n… Can’t wait

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to The best camera is the one you don’t feel

  1. hoppy says:

    What game does your daughter like on the PS3?

  2. marla2008 says:

    Grand Turismo 5 !

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