New lens in the optic stable : SEL55-210 F:4.5-6.3

Well, I’m certainly not one to ever get excited about a slow poke consumer zoom. However, I had the opportunity to grab this lens at a reasonable price, so I thought Heck, let’s try it.


Upon receiving the zoom, I took it for a walk in the fugliest, worst weather we’d had for the past year, yikes. So don’t blame the lens for the horrible, drab light.

Walk12Mar13-07The lens is nice to use, long but slim, and looks good with its dual silver/black finish. It’s a bit soft OOC (out of camera) but sharpens very well in PP.

Walk12Mar13-17It’s hard to make pictures when there’s nothing compelling to look at AND the weather is that shitty 😦

Walk12Mar13-09Mid March, cold and rainy, yuck

Walk12Mar13-01We’re all *really* ready for spring

Walk12Mar13-13That’s one muddy puppy

Walk12Mar13-19Is it what I think it is ?!? Yes, flowers !!

Walk12Mar13-21Ok, that doesn’t look much like spring yet…

Walk12Mar13-08The lens has nice color rendition

Walk12Mar13-20And good detail

Walk12Mar13-22And as luck would have it, my favorite image of the outing is out of focus. Dang.

So how do I like the SEL55-210 overall ? Well, as an affordable, slow aperture, consumer lens, it’s not bad. Build seems solid, it looks pretty sweet, and performs well. Indoor the autofocus slows down to unusability as light decreases. But outdoor, wow, it’s nearly instant !

TestSEL55-210-01Low light performance is even acceptable, when the lens will focus, that is…

TestSEL55-210-05Showing off, me ?? Nah…  Ok, a little bit 😉

TestSEL55-210-02That’s exactly the kind of shot this zoom is NOT made for

MarlaMar13-36PMLeave the people shots to the superb SEL35/1.8


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