From NEX to NX, what a difference can a “e” make…

Anybody who’s been following this little attempt at blogging of mine for the past months knows by now I’ve spent much time with, and given much love to, my Sony NEX cameras. I’ve had a bunch of them ever since they swayed me from my previous most loved mirrorless cam, the still fantastic Panasonic GX-1. Started with a 5N to test (taste ?) the system, moved up to 6, upper yet to 7, sold everything, grabbed a lowly (and darn good) cheap C3, then back all the way up the ladder to a second 7 unit. Well, that’s just me, don’t bother.

LouMar13-18PMChildren portraits are my main alley, and NEX does that very well.

As I amusingly noted in (several ?) previous posts, the X has been all the rage with camera makers for the past two years. Panny GX-1, Canon G1X (no, I’m not kidding !), Sony NEX, Fuji “just” X, Samsung NX, and probably a few more, everybody seems to want their share of the magic letter these days. Can a letter do that much. Can just one change things ? Let’s take Sony NEX, for instance, and just remove, randomly, the “e”. What do we get ??



Samsung NX, is what you get. In this case, I’m assessing today the NX200 with 18-55 OIS kit lens attached. The NX200 has a 20.3MP APS-C sensor, technically the same size as that of the Sony NEX bodies. Unfortunately, the on chip processing and specifically handling of high ISO noise needs a lot to be desired on the Samsung cam.

SAMSUNG CSC20.3MP makes for a lot of fine detail

The recently announced and soon to be released Samsung NX300 ticks every single box of what’s important, wanted and needed for me in a digital cam. APS-C sensor, solid build, tilt, touch screen, sensible User Interface, fast autofocus, bla bla bla. The catch is… IQ will have to be much improved for it to sway me from the NEX system. Specs lists are great. Real life results count more. Samsung mirrorless has a worthy and growing lens selection, that is, IMO, more attractive than NEX’s. But until the NX300 considerably ups the image quality, the missing “e” in the NEX still makes the difference 😉


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2 Responses to From NEX to NX, what a difference can a “e” make…

  1. 18-55 is one of the worst lenses in stock. Try 30mm or a new 45mm with nx.
    Do you really feel differences in iso? Can you show some example comparisons? (crop shouldn’t be 100% on nx since the resolution is larger).
    I agree that IQ is not superb and samsung marketing is also a weak side, but the price is absolutely unique.
    And I am also waiting for the very promising nx300, It would be a perfect camera if it had the same stabilization as Olympus OMD-EM5.
    And speaking about the ‘x’ letter: samsung nx was the first, sony – plagiarized. 🙂

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Nikolai, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I did like the camera a lot. Felt a little consumerish in build, but I read the NX300 will feel much more solid. My gripe was the ISO performance was really *bad*. I understand I was using a very poor lens, but still. I will definitely be trying the 300 with a prime, preferably the 45/1.8. I’m sure the results will be night and day. I’m keeping an eye on NX, it seems to be a very interesting system.

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